When the Coffee Is Over..!

With clouded face I hold the empty flask over my cup and pour, and watch the dregs come out. The coffee is over! It’s a huge flask that houses my coffee each morning I sit in my garden, and sip, reflect and ponder, enjoying the sound of woodpecker, sparrow and even a parrot, watching squirrels flashing past, then stopping to give me a Good Morning chirp!
But now the coffee is over, and my time of reflection, peace and quiet is done!
“Why can’t the coffee last?” I ask the One above, “Why can’t our lifetimes be an eternity of sipping from sweet nectar cups?”
And in that cry, I hear millions who cry the same: “Why can’t our holiday last?”
“Why can’t this honeymoon with my sweetheart be forever?”
“Why can’t I keep reading my novel?”
“Why can’t I keep binge watching my movies?”
And the One above smiles, and do I hear Him say, “Your coffee is a mountaintop experience Bob!”
“What’s that Lord?” I ask.
“The joy, the exhilaration, the thrill, you feel when you stand alone on mountain peak! No one stands with you except me!”
“What a feeling!” I say.
“And suddenly you feel enveloped and surrounded by a sense of warm closeness! That’s me holding you Bob!”
“And I stand and want that feeling to continue Lord!” I whisper.
“But your work,” says the Lord, “Is in the valley below!”
“Yes!” I think, as I see the honeymoon couple packing their bags, I watch as she uncertainly and with no experience, packs her slippers along with her clean clothes. He looks at her puzzled then takes her soiled footwear and puts it along with his in a different bag. She smiles and turns from her packing to hug him tight, and a Lord above smiles and knows that the mountain top experience will spread through their married days down below!
I watch, people returning from holy place, their faces filled with pious tranquility, and then their peace is broken by shrill sounds of children crying for food, wives worried over lack of money or shelter, and then I see same smile and watch them address the problem at hand, not angry that their peace has been shattered but instead spreading the calm they just received from atop their mountains onto the chaotic valley below!
Even you who sit in yonder tavern, or now in present crisis have a sip at home, don’t linger long atop the mountain of escapism, but close your bottle, and spread peace to the chaos below!
The coffee is over, I close the flask, and in peaceful silence, walk down my mountain, praying to the One above that with renewed zeal I will spread His warmth to those in the valley below..!




DARE by Robert Clements.
It will change your life.

8 thoughts on “When the Coffee Is Over..!”

  1. Even when Our Lord Jesus took Peter..James and John to Mount Tabor to experience the Transfiguration..Peter said..”Lord it is good to be here”Jesus said..”No we have to go down to the valley” because He knew the people still needed Him there..Wish we could all be there always but our lives have to be lived in the valley..routine.

  2. If time has to do it’s work for us as the best healer then it has to change everything. Only then we can truly believe, “this too shall pass”.

  3. Coffee breaks in life are short intervals of peace ,quiet and tranquility that rejuvenate us.
    Solitude is required to reflect and develop empathy and kindness .
    Once refreshed we get back to work towards our goals for, life is not a vacant dream.
    “Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul.”
    Life is meant to labour and to achieve many things and inspire others with our success.

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