Keep Your Eyes on Your Goal..!
A few years ago I heard a long talk by a speaker about how hard work pays. “Do you have
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Laughter, Pain and Death..!
As you read this, I will be on my way to Pune for the funeral of my friend. A friend
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Are You Ready for Your Chapatti Lady?
Since I’m known as a guy who’s got a soft spot for animals, I get followed round a wee bit
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Child in Jail
Invest In Your Children..!
Today’s the day of the career dad and mom! Both work, both sometimes earn equal salaries, and both spend long
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The old man at the puncture shop, looked at me with quiet patience as I stood at his shop. “Quick!”
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Naughty Abhinandan..!
It made delightful news to hear Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman had been awarded the Vir Chakra! We all remember the
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Unfurling A Balanced Flag..!
I stood at attention as the strains of Jana Gana Mana ended, and the National Flag was unfurled. I watched
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Be a Master Communicator..!
Today you and I communicate more than ever before, and through the mobile, social media, TV, radio and other ways
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