Has the Coronavirus Got to You?

Have you reached a point where the only news you want to read is about the virus? How many it’s killed and how close it’s getting? Do you open your door and peer out, thinking it’s waiting outside to pounce on you and your family?
Most people have reached this point, and they move from TV to online news to gossiping with neighbours till it’s become an obsession. An obsession that’s bringing on depression, and in all probability, it’s going to be ‘an already given up’ patient who the virus is going to find.
“Hey,” say the virus and his cronies swarming the lanes near your home, “there’s a group here, who are welcoming us with open arms, come on, lets give them what they want!”
An interesting incident took place in a football game at which a doctor found himself treating five spectators for stomach disorder.
Each complained of nausea, dizziness and cramps. Upon checking, the doctor learnt that all five had previously consumed soft drinks from the only shop outside the stands. An announcement was immediately made to the crowd that it would be wise not to have drinks from that shop in the stadium because certain people were becoming ill.
By the third quarter of the game, 200 people all of whom had been slurping sodas were reporting the same symptoms. Half of these hurried off to a nearby hospital. However, later in the afternoon the doctor found that his five original patients had also eaten fish n chips from a roadside stall on the way to the game. The fish n chips, not the drinks, was apparently the culprit.
An announcement was made and almost immediately those who were sick felt remarkably better. The fans taken to the hospital were sent home as their symptoms quickly disappeared.
What does this show? It shows the tremendous power of belief! What we believe to be true often becomes true and the same power of our beliefs dramatically affects our future. Mahatma Gandhi found this principle to be true in his own experience. “If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it,” he said. “But when I believe I can, then I acquire the ability to do it, even if I did not have the ability in the beginning.”
So, let’s stop opening our arms and minds to the virus and believe we can fight it and not give in even before it’s got to us. And like the announcer at the football game and his effect on 200 people, let’s not fall prey to the news and whispered conversations, but like Gandhiji, believe that you can acquire the ability to beat the virus with your positivity.!




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6 thoughts on “Has the Coronavirus Got to You?”

  1. Rumours spread fast. They’re, mostly incorrect, inaccurate and inflammatory. Avoiding them is the best.
    We have stopped CORONA news & talk on our society WhatsApp site.

  2. Wonderful, Bob, there is power in positive thinking, what I say what I get. Therefore always say ” I can” and we can do it.

  3. The mind has a huge impact on the body . A positive and cheerful attitude, strong mental health, and trust in God can help sail through any pandemic or personal ill health.

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