What Is Your Child Learning from You TODAY?

Some of the most remarkable stories from the Second World War, concern children during the wartime in England and what they learned from their parents!
How their parents handled fear, their tempers, their leadership qualities at the time of crisis like food rationing and bombing and their reactions on seeing friends and relatives falling victims.
Out of parents who displayed courage and yes, love, came strong, brave, good children!
Today, you and I have such an opportunity!
Use it well!
Children, quite often like animals, are intuitive, they smell fear, even as they sense positivity, what is the atmosphere that pervades your home? Is it fear? No doubt all and sundry are talking of coronavirus lurking just outside your door, but does your child look out fearfully thinking there’s a monster outside?
Or do you have enough of a stillness, not make-believe stillness, but real, to be able to bring into your home, a sense of peace?
If you aren’t doing that, start. Spend time together, reading passages from the scriptures which bring calm and quietness into the minds of family members, and the first shout of joy from a child or teen shows you are succeeding.
Kick fear out of the window!
It’s so easy today, to get lost in our WhatsApp chats even as close members of your family sit round you. What a waste of an opportunity, to bring everyone closer. Start a conversation, and please allow others to speak, you don’t have to be the speaker always, but move back into your favourite chair and listen. These are times when you could even encourage a shy member to speak out and then listen amazed as wisdom flows!
That family member, could walk out of this lockdown, a confident person!
As you are confined to very definite, closed areas, tempers may get frayed, and angry words may leap out, but watch out, because every bit of such behavior is under scrutiny! Bring control into your speech, gentleness into your demeanor and even in hurtful situations, react slowly!
These are only some of what you can practice doing at home, and I’m sure there are more, which I’ll put up later.
But remember, this is an opportunity, a window period where you are on display in a showcase, and how you behave, what you say, and your actions and reactions, will be stamped in the minds of your children always.
What is your child learning from you today?



DARE by Robert Clements.
It will change your life.

7 thoughts on “What Is Your Child Learning from You TODAY?”

  1. First and foremost I read your colours, and keep forwarding in our family group and my friends. A really nice peice at the right time.

  2. Very timely message. The vibrations ,we as adults emit, are involuntarily absorbed by our children. Nice piece .

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