Reach Out to the Covid Hit People..!

As more people are falling sick to the stalking virus, I’m beginning to see that sadly a stigma is being cast on them and their families!
Is the world actually so cruel?
I remember the story of a kid in school, who was vaccinated with a painful injection in the arm. The doctor then wanted to stick on a bandage. “Please put it on the other arm,” the boy pleaded.
“Why?” the surprised doctor asked. “This will let everyone know you have been vaccinated and they won’t hit your sore arm.”
“Please put it on my other arm! Please!” the boy begged. “You don’t know the kids at my school, they will hit me there, because they know my arm has been vaccinated!”
The boy knew his fellow students and wasn’t about to let them hit his already hurting arm.
A story teller tells a story of a great ruler who needed a second-in-command to help manage his kingdom. When he finally selected the right person, he took him outside onto a balcony of the palace where they could gaze over all the lands he ruled. His new assistant asked the king, “Master, what must I remember most of all if I am to carry out your wishes?”
“My son,” the king replied, “there is only one rule to follow − and that is to look upon the people as wounded.”
The wise king knew that everyone is in pain in some way. Wounds may not show, but they are there.
Today we don’t have to look far to see hurting people, and it may not be only a family that’s struck by the virus, but a virus that’s struck their income or even their job. I’ve been speaking to so many who’ve lost their jobs, and they tell me, “Don’t tell anyone Bob!”
“Why?” I ask.
“Because for people it’s shameful and they snigger at us!”
Really? Is that how callous we’ve become? I’ve seen friends sending me pics of their neighbours being taken to hospital after being attacked by the virus. What need for such pics? Isn’t that why people are scared of testing, and passing the virus to others?
Do you want them like that boy, to hide their wounds on the other arm?
It’s our job to discover where people hurt and reach out to them. Learn where the invisible bandages are and you’ll know how to help them. How to heal them. Look upon them as wounded, and with such thinking we will be able to uplift each other and heal wounds this Coronavirus season..!

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10 thoughts on “Reach Out to the Covid Hit People..!”

  1. If only human beings were blessed with such decent attitudes, the world would be a great place to live in! Amen!!!🙏

  2. Many children being heartless and thoughtless has been evident since ages , but growing up to be insensitive adults and entertaining themselves at the unfortunate plight of their fellow beings and shirking from responsibility is being witnessed in this pandemic .
    Pathetic and shocking too !

  3. No man can live as an island while journeying through life alone. Today we have realized how the safety of our neighbors is important whom we disliked as our safety depends on them. We are no more independent but dependent on others for most of the things we use daily. It’s high time to change our attitude toward others.

  4. Infection..sickness..pandemic is never welcome..unfortunately we have become callous and insensitive as we become a number in this pandemic..names not to be disclosed like avoiding the plague..we have to change our mindset..people are hurting more because of insensitivity..can’t grieve the loss of lived ones..parable of the Good Samaritan has to be etched in our rminds..then only we will be following gospel values..or otherwise only proclaiming it.

  5. It pains me to read and witness such stories. We need to inculcate in children the need to be mindful and stop hurting another soul. Share love, respect and yes rem wat goes around, comes around.

  6. Sadly today’s society slogan is “mind your own business “. Help in any form is hardly accepted or sought.

  7. We used to sing,Help us to do the things we should, to be to others kind and good in all we do,in all we say ,to be more loving everyday, in our school,at the assembly every morning.Children are to be taught,As u sow,so u reap,and Do unto others as you would done unto you.

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