How To Win With Your Voice During this Virus Time..!

Are you working from home, using the telephone and text messaging?
Try using the phone instead!
Well, many, many years ago crowds gathered outside a radio station in Mumbai after a particular program. The reason? They all wanted to have a glimpse of the girl who hosted the show. “She must be so beautiful!” they said to each other as they jostled one another to have a look of this beauty queen. They were so busy trying to find her they hardly noticed a wisp of a girl, ordinary and hardly very attractive, making her way out through the gates. They didn’t know she was the one, who with her voice enchanted her listeners day after day. I knew her well. “How d’you do it?” I asked her once.
“I smile with my voice!”
“You do what?” I asked puzzled
And she explained to me what a smiling voice was.
After that little talk I’ve realized how important voice is for any sort of communication; email and texting won’t ever achieve what a smiling voice does.
I don’t know what your job is, but let’s pretend for a few moments you’re either an executive or a businessman, shall we? Okay Mr Hotshot you need to make an appointment to meet Mr Bigger Hotshot. You pick up the phone, dial Mr Bigger Hotshot’s number and with your best foot forward and tongue stiffly in place tell his secretary who you are.
“Who?” she growls and you fumble, flounder, flustered. “Who?” she snarls again, and before she can put the phone down, you squeak out your name. “Mr Bigger Hotshot is busy,” she says and cuts you off.
Ah Mr Hotshot! Let’s give it another try. Give the ‘smile in your voice’ theory a try. Smile as you call. Smile as you dial. That’s just not enough, not enough at all! Grin; a happy smile, yes that’s it, a nice whammy of a stretcher! Now speak to her, yes that same hag, that witch who cut you off. Put a smile in your words. Let her feel your lips stretching out to bursting point. She’s listening! She feels your attitude, senses your joy, there’s a ‘feel good’ factor at work my friend. You ask for her boss and she puts you through! Just like that, and if she doesn’t do so at once it’s because she wants to feel your warmth a few seconds more!
A smile in your voice works.
And here’s something more. There’s a small bonus after you use such voice: You start feeling good. You begin to feel a deep sense of happiness, there’s a spring in your step and lightness in your walk.
Use it well, and after this lockdown, you’ll have a new asset in your arsenal, not just on the telephone but even as you step out, because a smiling voice makes a confident you..!




DARE by Robert Clements.
It will change your life.

10 thoughts on “How To Win With Your Voice During this Virus Time..!”

  1. oh ! what a marvellous piece you have given!. i bet this universal technique works .the end win -win result is priceless.

  2. Shakespeare wrote King Lear , Macbeth, and Anthony and Cleopatra in 1606 when London was under lockdown because of plague .
    He stayed calm , optimistic and fearless , and even cheerful as evidenced in his use of disease metaphors while almost everybody avoided using the word “plague “ !
    In Lear “A plague upon your epileptic visage!” “Plagues that hang in this pendulous air “ !
    Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity and the effect of prisms on light , when Cambridge University was under lockdown in 1665 plague .
    Obviously this was possible as the mind as well as the pen were smiling !
    So now with modern technology, as Bob says let our voices and texts smile !

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