Bank Collapse: Who Is To Blame?

“Who told you to put all my earnings into that bank?” shouts a distraught businessman as he looks at his weeping wife, “Now it is your fault we are ruined!”
In many homes, it’s either a wife or a husband crying out, “You are to blame!”
But who is to blame?
Some point at the director. Some against the trustees, and many the defaulters!
Depositors march up and down, shouting they want their money back and the culprits booked.
But who is to blame?
And here’s a story: A bearded puppeteer walked into a village. Not only was he a good puppeteer but he was also good with the flute and was known all over as the Puppeteer Pied Piper. He played his tunes cleverly in the village, and the poor villagers listening to his tunes went into a trance. Even with no food in their bellies they dreamt of money landing in their bank accounts, and days becoming better. They also fell in love with war tunes the puppeteer played, that got surrounding villages scared, because the beat was reverberating, the sounds loud and the villagers of the puppeteer felt proud because they had never been able to scare others before.
Then the puppeteer who now had the whole village under his magic spell, looked round and decided his puppets would manage the village.
The bank chief whose job was to look after the small savings of the villagers was given the sack, and a puppet put in charge. The judge was told goodbye and as he left, a puppet occupied his chair, and so also the village crier, who announced the village news suddenly found a puppet doing it instead of him.
And as the puppeteer played with the puppet strings, the puppets went about doing the jobs deftly, managed by the puppeteer’s deft fingers.
The villagers went about their daily lives, wondering, though, why the new puppets could not solve their problems. Forgetting they were only puppets.
Then one day, the people lost all their savings.
They started blaming each other, and even blamed the stony-faced puppet in the manager’s chair, who stared back at them with marble puppet eyes.
Immediately, the puppeteer took up his flute again, and played another war tune, and the people, even those who had lost all their savings, clapped and cheered at the war tunes that were played, and even though broke, broken and beggared they cheered the Puppet Pied Piper, while continuing to blame their wives, and husbands and puppet chiefs, who stared back at them with marble puppet eyes!
Who is to blame?
Why, the villagers of course, for trusting in the dream music of the pied piper cum puppeteer and the puppeteer too for thinking he could do every job himself, while throwing out professionals who had specialized knowledge in their fields..!





6 thoughts on “Bank Collapse: Who Is To Blame?”

  1. Superb, intresting n inspriring Mr. Banter.
    U hv made so easy for us to understand who is to be blamed, but will the people learn or get fooled again with this Pied Piper’s tricky tunes ?

  2. None but ourselves to be blamed, what we face today is the result of choices made in the past. We were swayed by religion and caste while voting out of our own free will voting for the best and leaving out the very best and every action has a result. Can I blame anyone for my mistake?

  3. That is our Government of today. Can’t blame us for trusting the system and can’t even blame us for electing them. Blame them for manipulating the EVM

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