We Are Not a Democracy..!

No we aren’t!
We fool ourselves thinking we are!
Sure, we have elections every four or five years, and just because we fill Parliament with elected representatives we feel we’ve done our bit for democracy. But it’s not just Parliament that has to be filled or a bigger, fancier Parliament building we need to build. No, we need more courts all across our land! In a democracy, Parliament and Courts need to be well balanced. In our country there is no balance at all.
We have a constitution, solid and secure; but courts, sluggish, slow and sleeping! So what is the use of a constitution if its tenets cannot be upheld?
Elections are almost always on time, but justice in courts, never. So, our elected reps act as judges, which means the might of a majority vote prevails. Numbers win: Majority opinion whether it is right or wrong takes precedence over whether the opinion is based on truth.
There is no attempt whatsoever to rectify this imbalance because the wily politician knows if there are more courtrooms and more judges, then the law is strengthened and his power diminishes. In our country this imbalance has been allowed so subtly that when we hear a case takes twenty years to be settled we think mistakenly we have too many cases.
Wrong. It is not too many cases but too few judges.
We do not need Anna Hazares to weed out corruption, we need you and me insisting on more courts, thousands and thousands of them. As soon as this happens cases will be resolved faster and people will be afraid to break the law.
Today the rich and powerful are not afraid to do illegal things, because they know judgement day is far away and by that time witnesses are bought, many turn hostile and finally in frustration the poorer party even with absolute right on their side move towards a ‘compromise’ or an ‘out of court settlement’ which is generally a victory for the one with more muscle and more money!
I listened to a friend of mine telling me once how a real estate broker, broke in and occupied his empty house in the suburbs. “After the tenth year of fighting Bob,” my friend told me wearily, “I realized the case would be settled only after my death, so I paid him twenty lakhs to get out!”
It was a sad story but the story of thousands in our country.
Ask for more courts, write about it, talk to others about it, and start a ‘more courts thought process’, because we need to free our law and our Constitution.
Till then we are fools to call ourselves a Democracy..!


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9 thoughts on “We Are Not a Democracy..!”

  1. There are so many adjournments of hearings daily on flimsy grounds in our courts. The opposite advocates collude in the process. Fair justice isn’t therefore dispensed for the common man. There are provisions galore for filing appeals against judgements further delaying the implementation of verdicts. No wonder the real victim pays ’20 lakhs’ and gets out of the mess.

  2. In our democracy we need to be a politically well connected person. Otherwise you’re just a joker wasting everyone’s time.

    1. Its said: “Justice must not only b done, it should be seen being done”.
      In a so called democracy, it may not be done so there’s nothing to see.
      The not so rich n powerful with connections always have an upper hand.

  3. We live in a country where no one knows what justice is(negligible%)… the scale dips towards muscle and rokda…….. people are court phobic to such an extent they don’t want to send their children to study law, leave alone filing a case…..Jesus Christ will come back soon Bob before the courts come up…….cause His righteousness prevails and on the judgment day justice is done……..!!!

  4. Sorry it should be the not so rich n powerful always suffer at the hands of those who have connections, the rich always has the upper hand

  5. Fine sir, but there are many other aspects too which should be touched. The right to recall elected representatives if they are not serving the people right is another important aspect without which democracy is incomplete. Then changing parties, horse trading etc. should be completely banned; the guy wanting to leave a party should first resign his seat in the legislature, irrespective of the combined numbers. I think all these need to be touched.

  6. Those who speak facts have deformation cases slapped on them like the honest lawyer, Bhushan. God help us! We can’t trust the EC, the DC, the police, the justice system, the sly leaders who get away with even murder. God save our nation from their hands!

  7. Yes, Bob,
    We are not a Democracy
    Noun: A form of govt in which the least qualified or most unprincipled are in power.A KAKISTOCRACY is a govt by the worst elements in society.Kleplocrats use their political powers to exploit the people & natural resources of their own territory in order to extend their personal wealth & political powers.The KAKISTOCRACY system involves embezzlement of funds at the expense of the wider population.They use political leverage to pass laws that enrich them or their constituents& they usually circumvent the rule of law.

    Notes from my Diary.

  8. When Democracy is taken away, it is almost always not announced. It is taken away bit by bit and by the time realization dawns , the damage is done. With all that is happenning around it is clear that there is a major inadequacy in the law or the system and in order to cover that inadequacy , its time for people to step in.
    The days of pondering about it are over.
    Appreciate your line of thought. Feel vastly different in terms of asking the Govt or asking for answers or action. A Govt led by a rogue does not even confront the press for 6 years. What and Who are we really asking?
    Time to act.

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