God and Our Operating Expenses..!

“Oh, Father, how nice of you to come home,” said the little old lady, as she ushered the priest in. “I was hoping that somebody would visit my house today. I have made some nice fresh cakes!”
“Ah,” said the priest, “that does sound tempting, doesn’t it?”
“Oops,” said the little old lady, “I quite forgot, you are diabetic.”
“Oh, don’t let that worry you, “said the priest. “You serve me your cakes and let God look after my blood sugar.”
“Okay Father,” said the old lady a little doubtfully. and Father, I would like to give you my monthly subscription of ten rupees. I know it is little, but that is all I can afford.”
“Every paisa, every rupee that is given to God is precious,” said the priest piously. “Each rupee is used to look after the Lord’s work.”
The old lady looked at the priest happily as he bit into his third cake. She wondered if she should have removed the icing from the top, before serving it to him. She knew it was very sweet, but seeing her priest enjoying the piece, made her guilty for thinking of depriving him such pleasures. “I am sure,” she thought, “that God will look after His own.” The priest had the fourth piece, and thankfully accepted the cup of sweet tea she offered afterwards. He bid the old lady goodbye and made his way to the door. He was on his way to visit another parishioner, who he knew made good ladoos.
The next Sunday the members of the church board looked at their priest with curiosity as he chaired the meeting of the parish committee. “Father,” said the Treasurer, “we have no problem raising the monthly amount for your medical allowance, but don’t you think you should consult a specialist?”
“No, no, it is okay,” said the priest, “my insulin shots have become more expensive, that is all.”
“Has your dosage increased?” asked a doctor member of the committee.
“Yes, but so has my workload, my stress and my tension,” said the priest quickly. “That is why I would like you to raise my medical allowance, and also clear my hospital bill for the last month.”
The members of the church committee looked at the hospital bill and sighed.
“We will have to defer buying text books for the poor students this year,” sighed the Treasurer, “but the health of our priest is more important!”
“How should I show the expenses?” asked the secretary.
“Operating expenses!” said the treasurer.
The priest’s mind went to the home of the little lady. He remembered the taste of the delicious cakes and his mouth started watering. “Thank you God, for taking care of my diabetes!” said the priest gratefully, as he watched the Treasurer raising his medical allowance in the budget. He couldn’t see a God above, frowning..!


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5 thoughts on “God and Our Operating Expenses..!”

  1. If the priest continues to be reckless with his health, a day will soon come when the church will incur one last expense of the priest. The secretary would as usual ask “under what head of account he should bill it”
    And the treasurer would reply: Put it under “packing and forwarding“

  2. When tempted, each victory will help you some other to win,if we flee from temptation and not yield to it. When we stewards of God’s money, may He help us to be faithful in using it for His glory. May we be found faithful as we serve the Giver of the money, by Him, by dedicating it for His purposes to be fulfilled

  3. Highly sarcastic. Though apparently fictional it borders on the real. The narration is vibrant and keeps the reader hooked.

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