Veto the Bullies Veto..!

It’s time the veto was vetoed!
Where else but in the United Nations do you have a few nations with power to tell the world that black is white? That’s exactly what the veto does. Instead of having a democratic equality a veto gives power to a huge bully to tell others he is right, despite all the nations wasting time and effort to say what is being done is wrong.
And it’s not just Russia.
Bush the American cowboy with guns blazing, stood on the Main Street of the world and fired at a Saddam, who either had no gun to match, and finally was hanged to death in some US jail like a common criminal.
Even as the world watched in horror, it saw a ruling regime in Iraq knocked off its feet, as with tanks and ammunition, missiles and fighters, the US literally annexed the country.
Russia is doing the same.
And if the veto is not vetoed, China may start soon and we better watch out.
The UN was created to see that peace reigned in the world, but today it stands toothless as first it watched the US and now Russia, bully nations into submission.
Today, the world looks horrified at near genocide in Ukraine, but can’t do anything, except make frustrated noises. No action can be taken, because Russia has the power to veto any attempt it thinks unfit. Which is like saying, “Catch me if you can, but I’ve removed your legs!”
We are stopped even before we start.
In a democracy, everyone has an equal right, and why ever haven’t we given the same to the United Nations?
The veto was the result of extensive discussion during the negotiations for the formation of the United Nations at Dumbarton Oaks (August–October 1944) and Yalta (February 1945). The evidence is that the United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, and China all favored the principle of the veto, not only out of desire for the major powers to act together, but also to protect their own sovereign rights and national interests. Harry S. Truman, who became President of the United States in April 1945, wrote: “All our experts, civil and military, favored it, and without such a veto no arrangement would have passed the Senate.” Which means they could practice democracy in their country but not outside!
The Big Five made it clear there would be no United Nations if they were not given the veto.
In other words, we have a peace keeping body where the bullies say, they should be allowed to do what they want, which is what they’ve been doing and are doing.
Isn’t it time other nations in the UN, totally numbering 193 countries, raise their collective voices and shout, “Veto the bullies veto..!”


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