Sex Sells..!

So you’ve started reading this article? Sorry it was just an experiment: Sex sells and I wanted to see how many would read seeing this headline; looks like you did!
Yes sex sells: If you are appalled by the amount of rapes suddenly happening in our country, the shocking fact is that rape sells newspapers, even more than murder or robberies. It sells a lot more than political news. Politicians might sell, especially their much repeated offensive outbursts, but put them next to some sex story and they’ll suddenly find they are not so popular at all.
Sad, isn’t it? But then that’s how we’ve been created; our sexual instinct is powerful, and if not for laws and strict punishment, we would be like beasts.
But this sexual instinct goes berserk when there is no control system in place. Joint families have some horrible tales, and the child who is molested by a favourite uncle is told to shut up and sometimes even told it is her fault for dolling herself up.
What is it that could keep us from going amuck?
An old fashioned word called honour.
Honour, is looking at your friend’s wife, not as a sexual object but as a sister. You respect her, not flirt with her, and earn the right to enter a home and be treated as a family member.
It’s a virtue that’s fast disappearing.
I hear tales of sexual murders by men who did not break locks to enter a house but rang the doorbell, were identified as a friend of the woman’s husband and invited in.
And then the animal took over.
I have noticed that as men grow in public life, they become less honourable; they feel it is their right to take what they want, whereas dear friend it should be the other way around: As you grow in power you should grow in stature and become trustworthy in the eyes of your people.
Some time ago, my huge German- Shepherd dog entered the house of a neighbor mistaking it for my home. My neighbor knowing it was my dog tried to gently lead it out, but my fellow started barking at her furiously right there in her own house, till I heard it’s bark and pulled him away from my now frightened friend.
We are like dogs when we break trust.
We need to learn again the meaning of that old fashioned word, ‘honour’ and bring it back into our lives. Till then sex, rape and other similar words will attract rather than repulse us..!




3 thoughts on “Sex Sells..!”

  1. Absolutely true the word sex draws a lot of attention especially the younger ones who are misled and become addicted to pron praying for the generations ??

  2. We still live in repressive world where Sex is a taboo. Children do not get sex education Parents still do not talk at home.Google has brought porn on mobile.Only education can make a difference not deterrence.

  3. Sex sells, yes it certainly does. And newspapers and TV channels take advantage of this. But whatever education one has will not curb the animal instincts. Only empathy will, one for another.

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