Knowing The Pain..!

“He refuses to pay!” said my friend shaking my shoulder.
“Why?” I asked.
“Says he doesn’t have the money!”
“Maybe he doesn’t!” I whispered, “Let him be.”
“Have you seen his car? It’s bigger than yours or mine,” said my friend.
“Give him time,” I said softly, “having a car doesn’t mean you’ve got money in your pocket!”
“You’re on to something, aren’t you Bob?” asked my friend suddenly leaning forward.
“Yes,” I whispered, “You ever heard the story of Napoleon and the furrier?”
“During Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, a group of Russian Cossacks spotted him and began chasing him through the twisting streets. He a little furrier’s shop on a side alley and cried piteously, “Save me, save me! Where can I hide?”
The furrier said, “Quick, under this big pile of furs in the corner!” And he covered Napoleon up with many furs. No sooner had he finished than the Russian Cossacks burst in the door, shouting, “Where is he? We saw him come in!” Despite the furrier’s protests, they tore his shop apart trying to find him. They poked into the pile of furs with their swords but didn’t find him. Soon, they gave up and left.
After some time, Napoleon crept out from under the furs; unharmed, just as his personal guards came in the door. The furrier turned to Napoleon and said timidly, “Excuse me for asking this question of such a great man, but what was it like to be under those furs, knowing that the next moment would surely be your last?”
Napoleon drew himself up to his full height and said to the furrier indignantly, “How could you ask such a question of me, the Emperor Napoleon! Guards, take this impudent man out, blindfold him and execute him. I, myself, will personally give the command to fire!”
The guards grabbed the poor furrier, dragged him outside, stood him up against a wall and blindfolded him. He heard Napoleon clear his throat and call out slowly, “Ready. . . aim. .!” In that moment, knowing that even these few sensations were about to be taken from him forever, a feeling that he couldn’t describe welled up in him as tears poured down his cheeks. That’s when he heard footsteps approaching him and the blindfold was stripped from his eyes. Still partially blinded by the sudden sunlight, he saw eyes looking deeply and intently into his own – eyes that seemed to see into every dusty corner of his being. And he heard Napoleon saying softly, “Now you know?”
I looked at my friend as I finished the story and I had tears in my eyes, “Lets give him time to pay up,” I said, “I know what it is to be in that situation!”
Quite often God has a purpose in taking us through a problem, that we may be a solution to others after that, knowing the pain..!




7 thoughts on “Knowing The Pain..!”

  1. It’s a lovely writeup on the furrier and Napoleon, Bob. But I wonder about the relevance with the money borrower. I’ve come across guys who piteously plead and beg for financial help to help them out of a financial crisis. You lend them money and then realise that they suffer amnesia regarding the returning back. You notice the family all decked up in fine and new clothes, going regularly on holiday travel. They have money for everything except to return back to you. You find it embarrassing, but when you ask them, you get rude replies. Finally I did get it back in installments, in bad grace, through a third party without a word of thanks. Meanwhile, the friendship was over and done with. Friends told me that I’m fortunate to get the money back because they have lost what they have lent. So, my question is, how long you should wait to get your money back, giving him a second chance.

  2. Sailing in the same boat. You taught me, Grace through this article. Jesus said, Blessed are those who are merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. Waiting for our money develops the Fruit of the Spirit..patience, long-suffering n self control

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