No Lockdown for Politicians..!

And in the midst of India becoming the world’s second worst country, hit by the Coronavirus, yet indulging in dirty politics in the state of Rajasthan, in my mind’s eye, I see a youthful lawyer, approaching a judge in some mighty court in our land, “Your honour is there no lockdown for politicians?” he cries.
The kindly judge looks down at the young lawyer, “Who do you represent, young man?”
“I represent the youth of our country facing unemployment, the poor staring at starvation, migrant workers braving death, and also every individual in this country pitted against the virus!”
“And what is your plea?”
“Your honour, I repeat, is there no lockdown for politicians? Today, when they should be focused on saving lives of their constituents, serving people through the availability of medication and more beds in hospitals, when their every thought should be eliminating this virus enemy, how can they even think of knocking each other down?”
The judge looked down at the young lawyer, remembering his own youth, when thoughts as zealous filled his mind, “Son,” he said sadly, “Dastardly emotions of ego and greed cause these politicians to do this now!”
“And your honour….”
“Yes,” said the judge.
“Is this the time to spend billions on a new Parliament building, when a government in Maharashtra couldn’t pay doctors they’d borrowed from Kerala, their salary? When preventive virus suits are substandard, our tests mediocre, our data fudged? When we have no funds to medicate the poor and give them a chance for one more breath on some dysfunctional ventilator? Is this the time to raze a good building just to show the world how great we are? Shouldn’t greatness be in saving lives of the least of our brethren not giving more legroom for our elected representatives to stretch themselves in comfort and then debate how to pull each other down?”
The learned judge shook his head sadly.
“Your honour,” sobbed the young lawyer, “in this lockdown, we have just discovered our gods can be worshipped in our homes, in our hearts and in our minds, something that has brought calm between communities, a peace never felt before, as we have learned to make religion personal, and not a public display. Now, is this the time for politicians to start discussing a taller steeple, a bigger dome, or a larger pillar of a religious place?”
The judge sitting in a court somewhere in the country, sighed as he watched the lawyer and all those he represented sobbing throughout the land in anguish. He wished he had the powers to enforce a complete lockdown on politicians, “they are bigger killers than the virus!” he thought sadly and wept with the rest of India..!


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10 thoughts on “No Lockdown for Politicians..!”

  1. Bob, you have brilliantly painted the reality of today. I only remember what Edward R. Murrow said, “A nation of sheep will soon have a government of wolves.

  2. Selfish persons who use their powers only for personal gains especially at the expense of common people, should be permanently locked down, behind bars.
    Better to live under a monarch who loves his subjects.

  3. Such extravagant schemes are one way of showing the world that after 70 years of stagnation for the benefit of a family’s dynastic rule, the promise of development is being ‘executed’.

  4. Bob today’s column has stirred my mind like the ripples in the still water. I took some time to reflect on what you have painted in today’s column and that led to me what the Holy Book speaks about such situations, we read, “And as he finished speaking all these words, the ground under them split asunder; and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, with their households…..(Num 16:31ff). I never wish or speak of I’ll of anyone but when irrational things happen, I wish the One above would act now as he did in the past.

    1. In what you so beautifully pictured the present political status and the reviews, comments of a few, it’s only apt to cry out to the creator to do His portion of judgement which He is holding on only bcoz of His awesome Grace…..and Grace truly Grace….but how long God ….? Do what you did in the book of Numbers… please

  5. Today’s column has been an echo of my thoughts.I excitedly awaited it and my anticipation is well met with it. Bobby, hats off to you as you hit the nail on the head. My expectation has been been fulfilled by the words you took out of my mouth. You are spot on

  6. U hit nail on head, this gives a thought is Carona virtual virus where politicians are immune??? It’s time they shud learn to shut up n look after the poor ,n bad biz, in mkts people suffering

  7. Every sane minded person probably has the same thought in mind, but only Bobby can bring it out so beautifully. Justice of thought, word and deed has been buried under the mound of greed, power and selfishness.

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