My Nose, Her Cheeks, His Heart..!

There’s two little fellows, twins, who came into my life just over two years ago, and now as they and their mother, my daughter, are stuck with me because of the lockdown, and can’t return to their home in New York, I hear neighbour voices, “He’s got your nose Bob!” or “He’s got your daughter’s cheeks!” There are some who swear they look exactly like their father, and others sigh and whisper, “Aren’t they so cute!”
In fact, I must admit I joined the vanity brigade when I stood in front of a bathroom mirror and came back and announced, “I think one of them has my smile!” Never mind that nobody gushed or exclaimed, “Yes Bob, you’re right!” Its just that as I saw them today playing with Jeff, my German Shepherd, I suddenly understood, and told the two, “What’s inside dear boys is what matters!”
I’m not sure they understood, poor mites, hearing me growl such truths to them, but someday I’m going to tell them this, ‘you guys, you might have the smoothest smile, the cutest chin, the most fancied face, but it doesn’t matter, it’s the inside, that does.’
And maybe they’ll turn to me puzzled and ask, “But how would anybody see what’s inside?”
“By the way it comes outside!” I’ll tell them.
‘That your calm inside can bring peace to those around you. Your sense of right and wrong will make your friends know how fair you are. Your strong feelings of love will make you loyal to those you’re close to. It’s the inside my little fellows that matters.’
I stare at the mirror and wonder what those around me see, and suddenly I’m not too happy with the man in the mirror. I walk back to the two little fellows who look back at me. “I pray,” I tell them, “That you face challenges in your two lives, and that as you confront and surmount each obstacle, determination and resolve will form your features!” “I pray,” I tell them, “That you will learn to taste both defeat and victory, and that in defeat you will learn to bounce back and fight again, in victory, you’ll learn to be gracious to those you have won over!”
I look at them and continue, “And may your jaw and cheekbone show proudly those episodes of winning and losing, and your mouths smile in the face of adversity!”
I hear voices again, “He’s got Bob’s cheeks!” “No, it’s his father’s chin!” I smile and turn my face to the One above and whisper, “Build them oh Lord, that what’s inside will be beautiful to you. That even if they have my nose, or her cheeks, they will have YOUR heart..!”
And this prayer I whisper for all the children and grandchildren, nephews and nieces of you my dear readers..!


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19 thoughts on “My Nose, Her Cheeks, His Heart..!”

  1. ….and this prayer I whisper for all the children, grandchildren, neices of all of us!!!
    Grateful for this wonderful thought Bob !!!!!!

  2. Beautiful, so pleasant (feeling) to go through the thoughts you bring out in your writings. You’ve got the beautiful heart with insights. Stay blessed as you always do.

  3. Thank you so much for the councel to offer God’s gift in the mighty, wise and good Givers care, Bobby, and your gracious prayers for our little ones too. God ever bless you and yours.

  4. It’s really the inside that matters! That’s what we have to strive to make..the outside God vl take care of..We can’t change that.

  5. Yes it’s what’s inside that matters and what comes out. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. May the Grace of God be with them as they grow up in this unkind word.

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