Losing the Vote Bank..!

Nobody likes protests! Nobody likes his vehicle stopped on a highway for hours because protestors are protesting. It’s irritating. It’s a nuisance!
But it’s democracy!
Just as a government is allowed to pass laws, a democratic constitution gives citizens the right to protest against those same laws or against any form of injustice! It may be a nuisance, it may be absolutely irritating, but progress and protests go together!
Trying to put a protestor in jail under an archaic, ancient law of sedition, which the British enforced, is not democracy!
Let me explain: How often we’ve seen our children or some other child throwing a tantrum. They shout and yell and scream a lot of nonsense. They may even shout, “I hate you!” You can do two things, slap the child hard and make it stay quiet, or go deep and find the reason for the tantrum. It could be a bullying elder brother, or it could also just be a spoiled brat. But in listening, you get to the root of the problem. In not getting to know, you have not solved the problem; that child has suppressed those feelings of anger and they will come out in life later in some hidden way or other.
That ‘some hidden way’ which comes out later with our ‘not being able to protest citizens’ is quite often supporting terrorism. What is terrorism, but another way of drawing our attention to an issue, just like the protestor is doing in a milder form.
So, listen to protestors.
Instead we put them in jail for sedition.
Stupid parenting! Silly leaders!
All this was thought of when our founding fathers defined the concept of democracy! They gave voice to the people, even if some were raised in anger!
They realised injustice makes people angry, and anger was needed for callous, indifferent rulers to notice wrong doing.
Many years ago, I had walked into the slums around my home and found them the filthiest I had ever seen in my life and wondered how people live there. There were many protests, many morchas, much inconvenience to many of us, but today when I walk into those same slums, what a dramatic change there is; clean, hygienic, and a smile on the faces of the same people who once protested on the streets, demanding cleaner living conditions!
People reacted to their protests and did something constructive. If they had not listened those same slum people could have forcibly taken over our homes or gone on to destructive ways of robberies, looting and terror!
Yes, I agree, nobody likes protests, especially we who are inconvenienced. But accept protests with progress and stop using sedition, or the police, or TV anchors, or the jail as convenient tools. It will only create more chaos, and will stop foreign investments which are needed so badly to create jobs, feed the poor, and garner votes.
There, I’ve said it: All these harsh methods being used will finally lose the vote bank!
So listen, listen, listen…!




5 thoughts on “Losing the Vote Bank..!”

  1. If people cannot vent their resentment and anger, then they will definitely become anti social and anti national.
    Idea behind protest should not b to cause harassment to people but to show the government what is wrong with a certain act or law.

  2. Very true. Protesters are an inconvenience to us but a very important safety valve and help for introspection and correction. Arrogance of “the know it all“ philosophy of any ism will lead to pain.

  3. The choice cannot be more stark and plainly stated. Either the safety outlet of peaceful protesters venting their emotions or underground terrorist sleeper cells. It’s a no-brainer really. Pray that our leaders exercise their so called ‘raw wisdom’; though they obviously lack the requsite educational qualifications. To belabour a cliche: it’s not exactly rocket science. Something even Bill Clinton realized and knew: “It’s the economy, Stupid!”

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