Do You Have a ‘Niagara Syndrome’?

The man stood outside my home. He was a carpenter I’d called a few days back to repair my terrace door. “You didn’t come the day I called you,” I said, “The work was urgent, another carpenter did the job!”
“That’s okay,” said the carpenter.
“Aren’t you feeling bad you lost a good order?” I asked surprised.
“I leave it to fate,” said the carpenter looking up to where he believed fate lived. I knew he had not worked the last few days, there was a family looking for food, and yet he couldn’t be bothered? I was flabbergasted.
A man was traveling in a boat. Cool waters, dense trees swaying overhead along the banks of the river on either side, the twittering of the birds, gently wafting breeze, all this enchanted him and he was absorbed in the beauty of the place. He allowed the boat to float of its own accord, along with the flow of the river. He never even glanced at the direction in which the boat was going. As the boat was floating effortlessly, he did not use the oars. It was very comfortable for him to travel in the boat without spending any energy and he was very happy.
After a while, the wind rose and boat began to move faster. The lazy fellow was now very happy.
`Oh, wow! My journey is very fast!’ he roared in pleasure. A little later, there was a distant roar, faintly audible. `Great, now nature is playing an orchestra for me!’
Suddenly the boat began to flounder and started to rush towards a waterfall. Only when the boat slid down the roaring waterfall, did he realize what was happening. The river on which he was traveling was thundering downwards from a vast height in the form of the Niagara waterfall!
Even as he tried in vain to control the boat with his oars, it was too late. There was no use for the oars. He could not prevent himself from falling down the chasm into the waterfall.
The lethargic mentality of this person is called `Niagara Syndrome.’
If you don’t plan, you will perish. Don’t allow your life to come to the edge of the Niagara falls, to make decisions to change; be it in health, relationship, family, business, profession.
Don’t be blown by your unintelligent logic. Don’t leave it to fate.
You have the oars to row, so row your destiny..!




8 thoughts on “Do You Have a ‘Niagara Syndrome’?”

  1. Most people have Niagara Syndrome at some point in life. But hitting rock bottom is not the end of everything ,it is at times a wake up call for many and they soon clamber up.
    But unfortunately a few are so bruised mentally that instead of trying to get up, all they do is blame it on fate and mourn.
    Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

  2. Beautiful article Bob.
    Well thought and jotted.
    Yes, truly agree. Few do have the Niagara syndrome but are lucky, but not always.
    Enjoyed reading though late.

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