How to Handle the Lockdown..!

What’s it, you’ve been doing the last couple of days of the lockdown? Played some of the board games recommended on WhatsApp groups? Heard jokes over the phone from husbands about ‘housework’ they plan to do? Or seen music videos circulated, most of them religious music, by some who had never ever sent such stuff before?
But most of us, despite all this, have spent the last two days worrying!
Come with me, let’s go on a trip!
I want to take you to the racing track at Monaco. It winds through the streets of that city for 260 kilometres which is done in 78 laps.
Seventy- eight laps! More or less, the number of years we’ll live right? Maybe a bit more or less!
Come on step into a race car!
Now suddenly, as the high powered machine you drive, zooms through the streets of Monaco, going at an incredible speed, making bystanders scream with exultation, pointing out to you, suddenly, the beast you are driving splutters and you realize something is wrong.
What do you do?
Put your hands on your brow, and curse the manufacturer? Do you turn to the skies and weep?
No, you take the car slowly to the pitstop where your mechanics pounce on it, repair, rejuvenate and restore you for the road!
Today, my dear readers, without your car breaking down, you have been forced to the pitstop because the road ahead has developed some faults.
Instead of listening anxiously to those who are telling you how badly the road’s been damaged, have a look at the car you’ve been riding on. Even as technicians in laboratories, and hospitals work out solutions, why don’t you start working on yourself, so when the road ahead gets repaired, you won’t just be road worthy but a newly structured machine!
Look, into those dusty shelves, pick out inspirational books, play motivational videos, listen to soothing music and learn the art of stilling yourself!
There’s nothing you can do! There’s nothing you need do! Just be still!
Meditate, about situations where you can be more considerate and compassionate!
Start allowing a feeling of thankfulness for all the opportunities that came your way, and be thankful for those who opened the door for those opportunities, and for those who stood by you as you grasped those chances and won!
I know you’re going to say, “Come on Bob!” if I tell you to pray, but pray different. Don’t pray like you’ve been doing the last few weeks, “Lord save us, Lord save us!” But instead, “Lord even in today’s circumstances, I trust you!”
Even as social distancing takes place and you cannot show off your personality through your looks, handshake and everything external, spend this time to build character!
That when those working to repair the road called life, shout ‘all clear’ a new, confident, self-assured, spiritually deep you, will step out and roar through the laps you have left with power and strength drawn from this period of lockdown..!




DARE by Robert Clements.
It will change your life.

3 thoughts on “How to Handle the Lockdown..!”

  1. A Pitstop was really needed in this fast paced life…… get back into the race with new power……from above…thank you Bob

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