God’s Extempore Speech…!

“… do not worry beforehand about what you are to say, but say whatever is given to you at that time; for you are not the ones speaking, but it is the Holy Spirit…” Mark 13 vs 11


The young sardar who was driving the car, taking me from Jalandhar to Amritsar, was just settling down to a comfortable speed, when my phone rang. I stared down at an unknown number but pressed the answer button, “Sir,” said an unknown voice at the other end, speaking in Hindi, “Your speech last night was excellent! Did you notice that you were the only speaker where there was pin drop silence? We are still thinking about what you said. Thank you sir!”

I switched off the phone, and then smiled as I saw the driver give a smirk, apparently at my attempts at speaking to the caller in my Mumbai Hindi and then thought of last night. “Will you speak at the Ram Navami Utsav function today?” the editor in chief of the newspaper in Jalandhar had asked me. “Will I be able to speak in English?” I asked.

“Of course!” he said.

A car was sent to my hotel to pick me up, and as I walked into the maidan and saw the crowd, I wondered who was going to ever understand the speech I had come prepared with.

“Sorry, but you will have to speak in Hindi,” said one of the organisers as he gave me a golden shawl and told me to put it around the pretty singer, singing the bhajans.

I did the needful and sat down, “Lord,” I prayed, “You talked about words which you would put into our mouths! Lord, what I’m going to trust you about is not just words but language!”

I spoke, the crowd listened, I told them about the first commandment in the Bible, which allowed me, a Christian to worship only one God. They nodded. I told them that for our country to move forward we needed to understand and respect each other for the religion each followed.

“We didn’t know you could not worship other gods,” many came and told me later.

“Thank you for a wonderful speech the ninety-three-year-old editor in chief of fifty-eight newspaper publications said to me as I sat next to him.

The car purred on and I nodded at the phone which I’d just switched off, and thought about what the caller had just told me. I knew how I’d felt before going up and speaking; totally relaxed, because I knew that my God, who would give me words to speak would also give me the language to communicate well.

When we trust Him fully, then He fulfils all that the Bible promises. It was not mine, but God’s extempore speech that night in faraway Jalandhar…!



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5 thoughts on “God’s Extempore Speech…!”

  1. Excellent experience of staying at Jalandhar Punjab and expressing respect for all religions highly delighted the listener. Mr Chopra himself a very noble intelligent Scholar and made a wonderful choice of inviting you to speak amongst great gathering of intelligent and important people. Jalandhar people will always remember you for sharing wonderful thoughts ????????

  2. Awesome. Thank you for sharing your experience in Jalandhar.

    Just shows that an exceptionally talented, intelligent and gifted person like you will always cross all barriers in communication and religion to a receptive, responsive and hospitable audience.

  3. A very powerful experience, Bob. One of our directors told me that his servant recently converted to Christianity. She has stopped following the rituals she was following earlier. She is illiterate and yet she is a Christian in the true sense. He told me that she has an answer for everything and her faith is unshakeable. This reminded me when the disciples were witnessing in the early Church. The high priests were amazed because they were uneducated fishermen. Jesus told them, “Don’t worry about what you will speak. The Holy Spirit will speak for you”. We are seeing those words coming true in the present days. You allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through you. May God continue to guide you to speak the truth fearlessly.

  4. Praise God for you, Bobby. You witnessed to TheTruth unknown usually to people and enlightened them. The Word that goes out never returns to you empty. The Holy Spirit works in minds of hearers that are open.

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