Somebody who’s a Nobody..!

It’s one of the most impressive old structures among the heritage buildings along the sea front, looked after with total dedication by a tall Anglo- Indian gentleman with a booming voice. The building would have gone to the dogs if not for this one man. And yet I remember him thirty-five years ago, a watchman for an orphanage. He was an alcoholic and lived more in the gutters where he fell asleep after his last drink than in the room the trustees of the orphanage had given him.

He was Mr. Nobody.

One day he decided to change. It was a long haul, from his little room to the hospital rehab center. I was there, often dragging him back to those centers from the local bar he strayed into. Finally, he made it and then came this job as a caretaker and then manager. It had been tough days. Today, when people visit the building they know who is behind its restoration and maintenance.

Now he’s Mr. Somebody.

The same with another friend from Orissa. He was a poor farmer’s son, who lived in a small thatched hut. His job was to work from morn to dusk with his father in the rice fields. He was a nobody if ever there was one. One day he fell sick. The doctors told him his disease was fatal. He lay in bed waiting for death when a man of God entered his room, prayed for him, and he was healed. Suddenly he was a changed man, his one mission was to tell people about God.

He taught himself to read, write and speak English. He then came to the city. It is a different Prabhakar than the man who worked in the rice fields: A man, who speaks with authority, cool and confident, no more a ‘nobody’, but ‘God’s Somebody!’

It was last week that I was invited for the inauguration of a new TV channel. Speaker after speaker got up and spoke of the dynamic man and owner of the TV company. Finally, it was the man’s turn. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he said, “I was a nobody and I still am!”

The audience gasped. I did too. I’d heard of nobody’s becoming somebody’s but this millionaire was telling a different tale: “God takes ordinary people like me,” he said, “and gives us extraordinary powers. It’s there for everybody. I am still a Mr Nobody but with His power in me I achieve the impossible!”

I walked out of that meeting, a smile on my face and am sure my driver must have thought I’d had one too many, but it was an elation born from a joyous thought, that the same God given power was available for me. All I had to do was to ask and trust, and the One above would do the rest! I am a Mr Nobody, but I can do great things through God who strengthens me..!


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6 thoughts on “Somebody who’s a Nobody..!”

  1. Inspiring. Point noted.

    This nobody became ‘God’s somebody’ and changed the world….

    “Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love.”
    Mother Theresa

  2. We are all in the category of NO BODY and remain through out the life. Exceptions are a few. Honest and Dark Work with GODs blessings change into SOME BODY and becomes extra special personality with SUPER GUIDANCE OF SUPER PERSON suer studies honesty TROOTH FUL nature and GOD’S BLESSINGS ❤️

  3. We have a great character in the Bible, Moses, who thought that he was somebody as he was educated in the University of Cairo, but God made him a nobody by a mistake he committed turned him into a nobody. A man lived in a place ended up becoming a shepherd, a job no respected Jew would do. So, from somebody to nobody, but God made him once again somebody who turned out to be the greatest liberator of the Hebrews. God’s ways are mysterious, He is not interested in somebody’s, but nobody’s where He can manifest His power. For God, none is nobody, but he can turn anybody into somebody.

  4. We are all a nobody Bob, but it takes courage to admit and accept it. It’s humility and acceptance of our shortcomings. May God give us strength to be humble in spite of the levels He raises us.

  5. Philippians 4:13says, ‘I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.’ Paul testifies to His education not sufficing but God who makes him successful in all he needs to do. Despite his infirmity, He achieved goals God set for him. He was highly qualified but he accomplished his calling relying on The Omniscient God of Gods who was with him faithfully walking with him, leading him and filling him with knowledge,power and joy. He raises humble people who look up toHim

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