Bah! It’s Only the Pillion Rider..!

Gujarat exempts pillion riders from wearing helmet

 …Times of India Sept 11th

’Twas just over a month ago I rode pillion after over more than twenty-five years, on the back of a classmate’s bike. Twice I was nearly thrown off the bike, because the rider saw the pothole, whereas I sitting pillion didn’t.

Each time I thanked God I was wearing a helmet.

I realized that day, that the pillion is even in more danger of being thrown off the bike and being crushed under the wheels of a truck, or just hitting their head on the road, then the bike rider is.

But then it’s only a pillion rider’s head isn’t it?

When my two daughters were in college and knowing there were enough boys who wanted to take them at the back of their bikes, I realized that by enforcing any rule, telling them they could not ride pillion was foolish, instead I told them they could ride pillion if they strapped on a helmet.

“But daddy, he doesn’t have two helmets!” was their first refrain.

“If he values your head as much as your dad does, then he’ll get one for you!” I said, and somehow this argument made sense to them, because I know they rode pillion only with a helmet.

You may be a motor bike rider in one of the states where they are not strict about the one behind you, but if that head behind you, whether, wife, son, daughter, parent or friend is precious, get that helmet for him or her before you take the next ride!

I have seen gruesome videos and also witnessed horrible accidents, with the rider weeping loudly as he looks at a crushed loved one. “It was just a tiny pothole I went over!” they weep.

I have also heard incidents where the wife was saved as she went under the vehicle at the back, because he had insisted his wife wears a helmet, though it was only a short distance they were traveling. He reads this column, and I know, he must be nodding and saying, “She’s alive Bob, because of the helmet she wore!”

The Gujarat government says it is out of compassion for the poor they are not insisting on the pillion wearing a helmet. Well, if it is, then why doesn’t the government distribute free helmets when they see a helmetless pillion, and save a precious life! Isn’t a life saved more precious than money saved? Afterall free laptops, TVs and other freebies are distributed at the drop of an electoral hat!

But, coming back to you, your son, your daughter or anyone you see with a helmetless pillion, tell them, “If you value that head behind you, don’t travel an inch without it being protected!”

That is love. That is real compassion..!





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  1. V good msg 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    In fact it was the helmet that saved my husband’s life many years ago.

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