The Excitement of Peace..!

Quite a contradiction isn’t it? How can peace ever be exciting?

A few moments back, while pondering on what to write on, I felt something falling on my shoulder from a wall nearby, and as I looked to see whether someone had thrown a stone at me, I realized that whatever had hit me had fallen into a pail of water at my feet. I stared at a small dark object that did look like a stone. I let it lie for a while, then dipped a mug and brought the object closer to my eyes.

It was a snail, that had fallen from the wall, had hit my shoulder and then plonked into the water where it lay at the bottom of the pail, motionless.

I gently picked it up, and laid it in a pot in my garden. Slowly it’s head came out, and I saw two beady eyes peering at me, and did I hear a ‘Thank you!” coming from it’s grateful head?

But thinking back at that picture of how the snail lay at the bottom of the water, got me thinking about the excitement of peace! Have you ever looked at a travel brochure, with it’s pictures of a calm blue sea, and a shack on the seafront promising you days of calm and quiet? So, you booked that holiday destination, and weren’t you excited to enter a time of peace?

What about that same exciting peace every day?

You ask, “In the middle of a growing recession? No sales? Economy nosedive? Family problems?”

And strangely that’s the peace God offers us. Not the ‘Rest in Peace’ we see in graveyards, but a peace right here in our today. A peace at this very moment.

How do I claim it? By asking for it, because that’s the peace promised to each of us.

And what’s the excitement? Those are the moments of suspense when you don’t know, have no idea what the day holds for you, you don’t know whether your maid won’t turn up, your child falls sick, you get a mouthful from your boss or spouse, and in all this is the excitement of waiting to see how God handles those absolutely not needed stormy times.

“I don’t know Lord what the next moment holds for me, but I know and believe you will give me strength and wisdom to handle it!” should not just be your prayer, but your belief.

Then it will be the excitement of a roller coaster ride, but with the peace that a giant machinery holds you safe.

And the calm of the snail: No struggle as it lay at the bottom of the water. Land snails can’t swim. No panic. No flaying of it’s little body.

That’s the peace we need to have as we build our relationship to the One who can hold us tight during times of turbulence.

Exciting thought to handle today, isn’t it?





5 thoughts on “The Excitement of Peace..!”

  1. When peace like a river attendeth my way. When sorrows like sea billows roll. Whatever my lot Thou has taught me to say. It is well, it is well with my soul. Thanks Bobby. Wonderful to read

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