Are You A Rabbit?

Got you, didn’t I? You thought I was calling you a Walt Disney bunny rabbit, didn’t you? One of those hopping four legged furry fellows who multiply as quickly as you put them together, but no, it’s not that type of a rabbit I’m talking about.
Did you know when top runners are attempting to set a world record they use a runner to set a fast pace in the early laps. Such a runner is called a ‘rabbit’. The rabbit has no chance of winning the race. His task is merely to set the pace, once that is done, he drops back or out and the stars take over.
Once at an international athletic meet, a good ‘rabbit’ by the name of Jim was chosen. Right from the sound of the gun he set a blistering pace. Indeed so fast did he go that he left the professionals quite a distance behind; thus for a brief moment he enjoyed the limelight. At the start of the third lap his legs began to weaken and his lungs to give out. He glanced over his shoulder, the others were closing in fast and he smiled.
In the middle of the lap they went past him like a blur and in a few seconds he fell back. The spotlight was now on the others and the rabbit was forgotten. But he had burned himself out. Suddenly the world went dark and his legs collapsed under him. That was the last he remembered.
Hardly anyone noticed the ambulance taking him away.
He became conscious again at the hospital. It took some time for him to realize where he was, and to remember how he’d got there. But he was not concerned about himself, he just wanted to know one thing: Had they or had they not set a new world record?
The answer was yes! On hearing it he was radiant with happiness, for it meant that all his efforts had borne fruit. He had been part of something great. Were it not for the pace he’d set there wouldn’t have been any record!
Are you a rabbit?
Are you setting the pace for your family, building a home with love and knowing that this love is what is going to push all of them towards greater goals?
Are you the one setting the pace at your office, moving the sales force, the marketing or operations team but maybe not getting the recognition you deserve?
Do you get on your knees day after day, night after night praying for others?
There’s only one person who’ll recognize your role as a rabbit; our Lord above! No one else may, very rarely your children, your wife, your husband or your colleagues, but that feeling of joy, that sense of satisfaction you get like Jim got in the hospital, and the knowledge that Someone above knows, beats everything else..!


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4 thoughts on “Are You A Rabbit?”

  1. Thank u Bobby.I’ve learnt a lot today. U have been the rabbit for many,I’m sure.U will continue to be so, I am certain. That’s my hope for u and all of us who you’ve been a rabbit for. Congrats and God bless you and us!

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