Oh Great Visionary Leader..!

‘Can you imagine,’ said the local corporator, poking a fat finger into my ribs, ‘the people want a new bus terminus.’
‘Yes,’ I said, ‘I’ve heard about that.’
‘What do we need a bus terminus for,’ laughed the corporator, ‘when we have an international airport over here. Which is bigger, bus or plane?’
‘Plane’ I said.
‘Our people think very small,’ he continued, ‘they should think big.’
‘You are a great man,’ I said.
‘They think of hospitals,’ he continued, ‘I think of shopping complexes and malls.’
‘Your thoughts are big,’ I agreed again.
‘They want a municipal hospital on that land there,’ he said, ‘but I built them the biggest mall in the city.’
‘Small people,’ I said, ‘with small minds.’
The corporator stared at me fiercely, ‘I get calls from people,’ he said slowly, ‘about garbage not being cleared everyday.’
‘Rubbish,’ I said.
‘Can you believe it,’ said the corporator, ‘they want me to think about their garbage problems, when my thoughts are on lofty projects.’
‘Silly people,’ I said.
‘Can you see that land over there,’ said the corporator going to the window.
‘Yes,’ I said, ‘the one across the road.’
‘Yes,’ said the corporator, ‘I am going to build a sports complex there.’
‘How nice,’ I said.
‘It will be the best in the city,’ said the corporator proudly, ‘and we will conduct IPL matches here,’ he continued.
‘Who needs hospitals,’ I said.
‘Or bus terminuses,’ said the corporator, ‘but do you know something, people have limited vision. They cannot see the sports complex with IPL stars across the road.’
‘Then what do they see?’ I asked.
‘The potholes on the road,’ said the corporator.
‘Small minded people,’ I said.
‘All they talk of is the holes on the road, and the cracks on the foot-path, when just beyond lies a dream coming true, can’t they look up and see beyond?’ asked the political leader sadly.
‘They have limited vision,’ I agreed.
‘But they are a lucky people,’ cried the great man coming back to his seat.
‘Why,’ I asked with bated breath.
‘Because,’ he said, ‘I am not upset or disturbed by the complaints of these people. They can see only the potholes and garbage, whereas I can see much beyond. I am a man with a vision.’
‘Yes,’ I offered touching his feet, ‘you are a great man, how lucky we are to have you, Oh Great Visionary Leader…!’


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5 thoughts on “Oh Great Visionary Leader..!”

  1. Comedian Groucho Marx once said:
    “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.”

  2. The corporators want a commission. So they try to please the bigwigs. Arnab is in partnership with the son of a politician with no experience of spors yet a team owner. Your sarcasm brings a smile to our lips in spite of disgust for the the low mentality of politicians

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