Through the Covid Mountain..!

It loomed outside, fearful, menacing, growing bigger everyday: The Covid Mountain!
I tried to look beyond, but the forbidding shadow of fear blocked my gaze. It stood, grim, evil, darkly foreboding!
“Lord!” I cried, “Take me around the mountain!” And with news of the vaccine, my heart leaped with joy, “The vaccine will be here next week!” I was told, and rushed outside joyously, ready to welcome the deliverers, but alas, there was no sign of them.
“Lord!” I cried, “Take me over the mountain!” And I heard hopeful whispers of herd immunity! “Herd immunity!” I cried in delight and then watched with horror, many succumbing to the dreadful monster mountain after festivals, where they’d herded together!
And the mountain grew bigger, as hope ebbed and faith faded faint.
I hid with others inside our homes, terrified to move, lest the growing Covid Mountain would enclose me in its powerful grasp.
And then in one clean sweep, the mountain invaded my home, as tests proved my doctor wife positive. Horrified, I looked up and whispered, “Lord you didn’t take me around it, you didn’t take me over it?”
“No Bob!” boomed a silent voice resounding in my mind, “I am taking you through it!”
And through it, these last few days have we been going.
It’s dark inside and gloomy, and what pestilence, what plague, what pandemic is this that drags you apart from your beloved, even when she longs to have your touch on feverish forehead, and you to be by her side, when each looming shadow looks like demon dragon dragging loved one away, it’s fiery breath mocking your feeble, valiant attempts to thwart it.
“Why Lord?” I cry, “Why?”
“Why what Bob?” I hear His silent, mighty voice.
“Why have you done this to me?”
And in the silence, I hear a Godly chuckle, “That was the only way Bob, we could walk together. Stretch out your hand, hold mine, and let me walk you through this mountain!”
And suddenly black darkness turns to light, fearsome shadows to exquisite frescos portraying a shepherd rescuing his sheep, and others, comforting, all reassuring!
I look around.
“She walks with me!” I hear Him say, and know her brow has ceased to be feverish, breathing regular, and though faint and tired, her strength comes back.
We walk together, the three of us, happy, cheerful, with fear vanquished by the mighty presence of the Creator, taking us, not over the Covid mountain, nor by a valley on the side, but right through!
I smile as I write this piece! We have not reached the other side yet, but all fear is gone, as I and my loved one walk through what now is a little hill, with our Lord..!


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17 thoughts on “Through the Covid Mountain..!”

  1. Boby,
    Both of you in our thoughts and prayers. Thank and praise God, the worst is over. Our love to dear Latha. Will talk soon.
    Yvonne & monu

  2. Bob, you are a great inspired. Your situation I can well understand bcoz the same Lord who is navigating your wife through the COVID apparently appearing to be dark, is the one who held me and navigated me last month through… After the darkness for a while, there is the marvelous light the Lord has kept for her… Bless you

    1. Dear Bobby and Dr Latha: Praising God, as always, for both of you and your wonderful family this is to say we are in prayer. What a joy to intercede for His saints as we approach God’s Throne of Grace. Today. Buhril and Kim

  3. May God almighty grant the family a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing this experience. We too had a similar experience for the past three weeks.

  4. Wishing her a speedy recovery. With God all things are possible so we just need to walk in faith. Take care and God bless.

  5. Thank you for your words of witness about His presence through the mountain. Praying for Lata, you and the family. God bless

  6. Dear Bobby thank you for sharing. May God be with and heal Latha and you. U are always in my prayers. James 5:13-18 is about praying for the sick and sin Last night I had to share it at our family prayer. God bless you both, I ask Him.

  7. Bobby, it’s easy for everyone else to say comforting words, but truly only the ones experiencing this virus will know the impact it has on ones life. You and Lata are in our prayers. Our God will see you through this and His presence will rest with you both.

  8. Well said.. about our Good Lord..He Knows all our worries.. This whole group of Prayer Warriors are with you both

  9. Dear Bob,
    Lata and you are in our prayers.We wish her speedy recovery.
    This too shall pass!
    Take care & God bless you both.
    With love.

  10. Definitely praying for your wife, Lata and the whole family. Stay united with the Lord and each other and He will see you’ll thru!

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