Another Lockdown: Look at the Bright Side..!

Many of us are dismayed about another period of staying put in our homes!
“Another lockdown?” we ask each other, sighing heavily.
How often we spend our time looking at the dark side of things when we should be looking at the bright side!
There’s a story of two men who fell on difficult days.
Try as they might, they couldn’t find work.
Finally, they heard a museum was willing to pay $50 apiece for live rattlesnakes so, in desperation, they decided to catch snakes. They hiked to a remote area and scaled a steep ledge, but the rock gave way and they tumbled down a slippery bank – into a deep pit crawling with rattlesnakes.
One of them whispered, “We are finished!” While the other shouted to his friend, “Look! We’re rich! We’re rich!”
Okay, maybe he was a little too enthusiastic, but in most situations, I believe there is a bright side.
Take growing old for instance: As we grow older, our skin turns from satin to cotton to a rough texture to corduroy. Sometimes we look at this and feel sad and despondent but remember valuable experience, deep understanding and hard-won wisdom can also come with years of living. Some people are merely aging – while we may be becoming sages and ‘sageing’!
So, what can you focus on, during the lockdown? Or let me put it better, “What can you stop focusing one?”
On yourself! Try it.
The other day, my family wanted to see a movie together, I politely refused and went to sleep. Today, I’ve decided I will see some with them, because it’s a time we can enjoy something together, even if I yawn through it! What am I trying to do? Building relationships! Choosing my attitude! And finding opportunities, even if initially I think they are a valley of rattlesnakes!
The difference is in our attitude to a situation. Like a sign spotted outside a shop: “We buy junk.”
And on the other side of the same shop: “Antiques for sale.”
Is my life full of junk or valuable antiques? It depends how I look at it.
I’ve learned that my greatest power may well be my power to choose my attitude. As Abraham Lincoln wisely said, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. “The truth is, I can choose to view boring times as building times, I can choose to see aging as seasoning and I can choose to focus on whatever good there is to be found in lockdown living.
Choose from today to look at the brighter side! Or, I’ll let you onto my secret: I spend a little while every morning asking the One above to help me choose His attitude to my day!
Try doing it..!


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11 thoughts on “Another Lockdown: Look at the Bright Side..!”

  1. What is more important at the psychological level is that a person can change his mental outlook we have the power within us, without relying on anybody else, we can change negative outlook into a positive outlook all by ourselves. Only a conscious effort is required in that direction. If our attitude is changed within the mind then our behaviour will also automatically change and from a behaviour of cribbing and complaining we can develop more positive attitude of appreciating and thanking Thank you.

  2. What might appear as junk to one..can be an antique to is how we look at it! A positive attitude can change even the most negative situations!

  3. It’s true.One man’s meat is another man’s poison.We must have the perspective of finding the silver lining that a dark cloud has and thank God for His peace, protection and presence.

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