Amazing Spectacles..!

If I’ve started writing late today, it’s because I spent the last hour or two, searching for my writing glasses. Now there’s something about searching for them; you need another pair to search for this pair, and somehow or other, the spare pair which I keep handy for such occasions, disappears on such occasions!

Which brings me to the fact that some manufacturer has a gold mine waiting for him, if he makes a pair which appears when you want it: Let’s call it ‘amazing spectacles’

At first I thought they should have little feet or small rollers attached, so when you lose them or call out to them they’ll come running to you, but somehow I think that might not work, as in rushing to you, they may hit the other pair which is also rushing to you, which means you have to give your glasses names, as soon as you get them, ‘Hey your name is Joe!’

“But I don’t like being called Joe!”

“Why not?”

“I dunno!”

“What d’you mean you dunno?”

“I dunno, I just don’t like the name!”

“So what name do you want?”

“I dunno, it’s your job to name me!”

Envisaging such a problem, I realized it wouldn’t be good to have them equipped with feet or rollers, which means coming back to the problem that they need something on them that will help you find them.

“Put some colour on us!”


“Yeah like fluorescent paint!”

“That’s a fantastic idea, I could have you painted with shiny colours!”

Till I mentioned this to the painter who shook his head, “Saar, fluorescent paint would look funny on your face!”

“Not on my face!” I told him, “I was talking about on my glasses!”

“Which you wear on your face don’t you saar?”

I never realized my painter was such a clever fellow and looked sheepishly at him as I abandoned painting my spectacles; fluorescent paint would look strange on my face, I agree.

“What are you doing?” asked the wife this morning as I went about my morning ritual of searching for my glasses.

“Searching for my glasses!” I said angrily.

“Bob!” she said, staring strangely at me.

“Don’t Bob me,” I said wearily.

“Bob, you’re wearing them!”

“But they were not on me when I started searching for them!” I said.

“You mean they’ve developed feet?” laughed the wife.

“What did you say?” I asked fearfully, and I swear I heard my spectacles, sniggering, nay laughing out loud, “We’ve evolved, we’ve developed feet, now all you have to do is name us!”

I shuddered as the wife looked at me, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just content with what I’ve got,” I said, “Don’t need no amazing spectacles..!”
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5 thoughts on “Amazing Spectacles..!”

  1. HaHa Good one Bob. I am considering putting an alarm or buzzer on my glasses so that if it goes missing, I can click a button and it would ring or buzz or maybe light up ?

  2. Bob, get a pet dog. Instead of the old whisky keg with water/whisky in it, put your spare glasses in it.

    Now whenever you have to find the old glasses, call out to your dog/bitch. You get cuddles too, and a few encouraging licks. He/she gets a few cookies etc. And you happily are soon back at your writing desk! Or hang it there with the lamp.

  3. A key chain responded to a whistle.A certain decible must be the reason for it. I could here the squeak of it as an echo. So perhaps if chain for glasses can be made similarly, we won’t have to ask others to call our phones to find them.

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