If Jesus Had a Cellphone..!

And in my mind’s eye, I picture scores of angels, running to Jesus with cellphones in their hands, “Lord!” says an old angel, impatience clearly in his voice, “Shall I tell her you’re busy, talking to a million and more?”
“Who’s it?” asks the Lord, even as He continues conversing to each one who calls on Him.
“Someone who just wants to wish you good morning! You don’t have time for such Jesus! You’re busy with the problems of the earth!”
“Ah that good morning, is what I wait for!” smiles Jesus as He takes the ten millionth cell phone and speaks into it.
As the other angels look on, a young angel runs in with another phone, “A devastated mother Lord!” he whispers, wings flapping in agitation, “You have no time to hear her crying, she just saw her son, taking drugs!”
“Let me listen to her!” says the Lord, “She needs to know I’m there for her!”
And as I watch my Lord listening to millions, nay billions on phones the angels rush to Him with, I hear voices, singing a song I love, a quartet that sang in the church of my childhood:

‘Well you talk about important people that you say you know
Presidents and superstars of big television shows
Well I know someone personally who’s bigger than ’em all
And next to him your superstars look mighty small
And I have a talk with him each day and he’s interested in every word I say
No secretary ever tells me he’s been called away, I talk to Jesus every day
Well now I don’t think that I’ll ever be in any Hall of Fame
And the social register of wealthy folks might drop my name
But my name is written in the book of life I’m proud to say
And that’s all that really matters anyway.
And I talk to Jesus every day and he’s interested in every word I say
No secretary ever tells me he’s been called away
I talk to Jesus every day,
I talk to Jesus every day’

And as the strains of earthly song, by the Gatt Quartet cease, I peep into heaven and see a frenzy, “What is it?” I wonder as again I behold my Jesus and his billion cellphones, and then I hear an angel screaming, running to our Lord, “Jesus, it’s an unknown number!”
And suddenly in the heavenly realms there reigns a hush as the Lord gently takes the phone and whispers into it, “My child, I’ve been waiting for your call! Speak!”
And from every quarter of heaven the angels sing, their angelic voices rising in crescendo as an unknown number, calls home.
Are you that unknown number Jesus is waiting for?

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6 thoughts on “If Jesus Had a Cellphone..!”

  1. Loved this one Bob Every aspect we know about Jesus so subtly put across Best was ‘the unknown number’. God bless you ?

  2. Unknown number , proverbial cell phone and all that bunkum. Jesus never uses man made things and his understanding is not like man’s. Nevertheless an anology not at all relishable.

  3. I love the song, I talk to Jesus everyday. Mr. Grubb from the Gatt Quartet just passed away.ButCecil,your brother my brother in law sings it beautifully as well. He did when I asked me to Thank God no secretary ever tells me He’s been called away. Angels rejoice over even when one lost soul turns to Him to be His

  4. Great article Bob, and very imaginative. I was wondering how you would end the article but you gave it the perfect finish. As one who rarely picks up Unknown Calls, I can fully appreciate our Lord “picking up” each and every call He gets. “He that comes to me, I will in no wise cast out,” said Jesus – known or unknown, blocked or unblocked, rich or poor!

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