A World Without Glasses..!

On silver sands on a beachfront a pair of reading glasses looked myopically at the sea. They belonged to me. I discovered they were missing only after reaching home. Couldn’t find my spare pair either, nor the ones made for computer screen. I could do everything but read. The morning papers arrived the next day: “Don’t strain your eyes!” said my wife. I did and smiled, how different was the news.
“Awesome!” I shouted as I read the headlines, “Israel and the Palestinians were going to sit and work things out!”
A little farther I read how Trump had decided to concede and had even invited outsiders to come into the US.
“What about Mexicans coming in?” I pondered aloud.
“Trump wants more Mexicans and Indians in the US!” I read aloud.
“That’s fantastic!” I cried, “It says Trump found out his grandmother was Mexican and that’s changed his heart towards immigrants!”
I held the newspaper closer to my eyes and eyeballs nearly fell out in sheer astonishment, “Imran is willing to play a friendly match with Virat Kohli!” I shouted, “India and China are willing to have peace talks with each over!” I shouted waving the newspaper and jumping around the room.
“You better be careful, you’re not wearing your spectacles!” said my wife, “I don’t need broken limbs and a blind husband!”
“Who needs glasses!” I shouted jubilantly, “Peace is round the corner!”
I switched on the television, “Arnab looks so calm and peaceful!” I whispered.
I walked over to the window and looked out, “Hey,” I cried, “Look at Mr Hussein walking along with Mr Kumar! I wonder where they’re going?”
“Maybe to the boxing ring!” said my wife with a yawn, “are you sure you’re seeing right?”
“Never better!” I shouted, “The world is changing!”
The doorbell rang, “Sir,” said a man smiling at the door, “we found these glasses at the beach!”
“Thank you!” I said and put them on; the man was not smiling, he was scowling. I looked at the newspaper, “Trump wanted to stay put in the White House!”
I ran and picked up the newspapers, “Pak fires at India!” read the headlines.
Arnab was yelling, Trump was scowling and Imran and Kohli were certainly not on the cricket field, but near the battlefield!
I threw the glasses on the floor in anguish. “Why didn’t you leave my glasses where you found them?” I cried, but the man had already left, “It was a wonderful world, without them!”
On silver sands on a beachfront, the sea looked where my glasses had been, “Maybe the world needs to stop looking too closely at each other’s faults!” it sighed, “maybe it’s time you all threw your glasses away..!”


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7 thoughts on “A World Without Glasses..!”

  1. Bob beautiful banter!
    Yes it remains a banter although a call to be optimistic is the underlined wish.
    A prayer can change the spectacles to love spectacles to see the world differently.

  2. Many times people deliberately take a myopic view and miss the woods for the trees ! They see as much of the world as fish see of the river bank !

  3. Where ignorance is bliss, it’s folly to be wise. So all we have to do is pray that God is in control of leaders our neighbours, friends, family and us. Praise God as He inhabits our praises. Be thankful He does and be happy.Don’t worryIt kills

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