I See The Sea..!

Ah the joy of success! Whether it be the building of an empire or raising of family and children. The climbing up of formidable mountain and magnificent view before..!
In days gone by an Indian chieftain who wanted to measure the endurance of his youths, would instruct them to run as far as they could up the side of a mountain, without a break and return with something from the height they reached.
At one such test, four young men started off at daybreak. The first returned with the branch of a spruce tree, indicating the height he had attained. The second brought a twig of pine and the third a high range shrub. The fourth returned late at night looking exhausted and with feet worn out by the rocks, but there was a strange light in his eyes.
“What have you brought as proof of the height you had climbed?” asked the Chief.

“Chief,” he replied, “where I went there was neither spruce, nor pine nor shrub. There was no tree to shelter me from the sun, nor flower to cheer me on the way, but only rocks and snow and barren land. My feet began to bleed, and I was exhausted, but –“ concluded the youth, his eyes aflame with joy, “I saw the sea..!”
Sir Edmond Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay successfully scaled Mt. Everest on May 29th 1953. Hillary commented: “Mountains offer danger and this is a stimulating factor, forcing you to surmount your fear. Without a strong inclination to overcome and achieve you simply wouldn’t try to climb Everest. It’s very tedious, miserable slog. But if you can persist and get to the top, there’s a great feeling of satisfaction. In life, I think everyone is battling a mountain like Everest and the key to success is the same!”
Years ago Lew Kraft, a cheese manufacturer, used to drive his horse Paddy from store to store selling his product, though without much success. One day despite the fact that his debts had been piling up and his cash register down, he said to Paddy, “Today we’ll sell two hundred dollars worth!”
When evening came however and Kraft counted up the day’s earnings, the total came to $15.76! The worst day’s business he had ever done. “Lew,” his close friend told him, “you’re licked and you don’t know it.”
But Lew was not licked.
He kept going, despite discouragement and adversity. He plodded and pushed, he went past the spruce and pine tree, brushed past the shrubs and rocks and went on to build a hundred million dollar cheese business!
One day in a letter to his employees, he wrote, “The greatest blessings of my life have been a result of a sense of failure – overcome!”
Ah the joy of success! Whether it be the building of an empire or raising of family and children. The climbing up of formidable mountain with a magnificent, spectacular view before!
Can you see the sea?


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5 thoughts on “I See The Sea..!”

  1. Thank you Bobby, for the interesting write up, so full of councel, knowledge and inspiration. Every failure is stepping stone to success. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Success is 90 % perspiration and 10% inspiration. Quitters never win and winners never quit

  2. To be at the top, one must be willing to go beyond good work and aim towards greater work. Only by working hard and indefatigably, can one get ‘lucky’ enough to experience the thrill of winning !

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