A Biting Tongue..!

‘When someone blushes with embarrassment, when someone carries away an ache, when something sacred is made to appear common, when someone’s weakness provides laughter, when profanity is required to make it funny, when a child is brought to tears or when everyone can’t join in the laughter, its a poor joke..’

……. Cliff Thomas.

I remember an evening I spent with a group discussing several serious issues. I marveled at the intellect of one of the members as she put forth suggestions that bordered on brilliance. She was a smart looking girl with a rather pleasant face and she had kept her age well. Suddenly I saw her whisper something in her famous undertone, and the person next to her smiled and both laughed as they looked in the direction of another member of the group who flinched as he felt their eyes on him.

I knew what had happened. Her biting tongue had just lashed out and her brilliant mind had cracked a joke about the poor victim. People around had laughed as the sad target felt crushed and humiliated.

I knew something else though, that she was one of the most disliked persons in the group, that so called friends were scared of her biting tongue and never knew when her scathing humour would claim them as the next victim. Also that people tolerated her company but never missed her absence.

She was over fifty and still single, not for want of looks. But suitors were scared of her!

I wonder how many of us have this same habit? How many of us think that we have a wonderful sense of humour when what we have is a massive sense of inferiority that loves making others cry?

It is not an uncommon sight to see boys throwing stones at frogs, just to have fun. The boys’ idea of fun means death to the frogs. It is not fun for the frogs. This idea of fun can be dangerous depending on whether you are laughing at someone or with someone. When humour involves making fun of or ridiculing others, it is not in good taste nor is it innocent. It is cruel. Sarcasm alienates people.

It is a good idea for people who have this habit to practise another brand of humour: The ability to laugh at themselves, at situations they get themselves into, at problems they find themselves in.

This is humour that is safe and also acts as a safety valve.

This type of humour doesn’t sting; it takes the bite out of the sting of problems that are around. Try it out. Start having a laugh at difficulties, the wit to see the funny side of a situation, the comical aspect of problems, the ability to have a dig at oneself even when overwhelmed with trouble, ah my friend that’s a brand of humour that’ll take you chuckling through life. Do have a biting tongue, but use it on situations you face and laugh your way through life..!


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3 thoughts on “A Biting Tongue..!”

  1. Beautiful thought Bob and so true I wish all of us are sensitive to such things and never let it happen having fun at the cost of something

  2. I agree with you Bobby. We must do unto others as we would done unto us.Being kind pleases God whose image we are created in. He led it by example as he had instructed in His Word

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