The Teapot Can Only Boil for So Long..!

Listen to Varuna Clements Thalla, former Bloomberg TV anchor, interview Amrita her sister, a Clinical Psychologist and therapist with a Masters from Seattle, about the pandemic and how its affecting people.
Listen on not just to the easy banter between both, but also to very significant tips, on how to fight mental health issues during this unusual, current situation… CLICK BELOW…


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7 thoughts on “The Teapot Can Only Boil for So Long..!”

  1. Yes we fail to realise “The very emotion that we are trying to avoid or suppress has so much power over us ”
    Very helpful podcast and thanks to Amrita the psychologist.

  2. Yes, very useful and helpful podcast. thanks to Amrita psychologist and also to the sender. God bless you all, blessed Sunday. 😇🕊️

  3. Very interesting and informative podcast. A lot of takeaways of how to manage and deal with difficult times during this pandemic. Well done Amrita and Varuna.

  4. Well done sisters and I loved your bonding..reminds me of my two daughters who are also living together during this pandemic.. thanks for giving insights into our feelings and how we can handle the Carona coaster.. Well done and God Bless

  5. Such an engaging and enlightening conversation between two wonderfully connected siblings.
    I learnt so much – many takeaways.
    Thank you, Amrita and Varuna!

  6. Thanks Bob for including the banter between Varuna and Amrita!! It has been a rich experience to listen and understand the tips on how to manage the stress during this Pandemic time.
    I truly appreciate the shared thoughts which would help many Couples especially to come out of the stresses comfortably and also help to manage the post Pandemic life successfully.
    Looking forward to hear more meaningful conversations in future!
    Best Regards📪

  7. The concept of writing down what we can be grateful for and how to adjust to that which is beyond us and cannot be changed is very practical.
    The idea that our attitude can make all the difference , and the only aspect which we can change is our attitude, has been very effectively highlighted !
    A very relevant, conversation to the present situation .
    The soothing quality of well modulated voices , interspersed with laughter calms you down as you listen.
    Beautiful !

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