You’re Only A Woman..!

As I read about rapes and sexual assaults in our country, I imagine one of our men, not necessarily a rapist, dying and walking up the steps towards the pearly gates, but a pretty angel stops him, “Not this way sir!”
“But its written ‘Heavenly Gates’ up there?”
“For those who’ve earned the right to enter!” says the pretty angel leading him away.
“I have!” says the man looking angrily at the angel.
“I don’t think so sir, will you please turn the other way towards the gates of hell!”
“What! Who do you think you are?”
“An angel of the Lord!”
“You’re only a woman!” sneers the man with disdain.
“Shut up!” shouts the man,
“I said shut up!”
“And why should I sir?”
“Because you are a woman, even if you are an angel now, and women don’t speak to men like this!” shouts the man outside the gates of heaven.
“That sir,” says the pretty angel, “Is why you are being turned away! Down on earth, you treated women worse than the dogs you kept as pets! Your wife…”
“Has she been complaining?” asks the man.
“Not complaining, but praying everyday that you would change your ways, but with Holy Book in hand, you told her that you were her master and when you felt she wasn’t convinced, you even used your fist…”
“Yes I did..”
“To hit her with! That fist was used more for such purposes than what it was meant for! You remember hitting her, don’t you sir?”
“She used to disobey me. Sometimes I came home unexpectedly to surprise her, and found her asleep!”
“Poor, tired woman? She would have won more souls through the life she led, than the words you spoke! Did you ever hear of God thrashing men even after they sinned?”
“We are men!”
“Ah, yes I forgot, but all the more reason, you may find heaven a difficult place to live in, here men and women are equal!”
“I can adjust to that!”
“Too late sir! Too late! All are equal!”
And from the Gates of Heaven, a woman’s voice cries out, “It is my husband, let him in!”
“That’s your wife!” whispers the pretty angel, “Even now she loves you! But she deserves better than spending eternity with a man who thought she was his slave! Ah there comes your friend the devil, to take you, where your wife beating, male chauvinistic brutes belong; in Hell..!”


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5 thoughts on “You’re Only A Woman..!”

  1. Violence should be removed from the mind. And those who choose to live aggressively will never enjoy the existence of Heaven. That is for those who show kindness, mercy, compassion and love to all other living things created by God.

  2. Thank you for highlighting this crucial issue Bob It’s heartwarming to see men taking up for women That becomes a catalyst for change and men begin to realise what being a man is all about God bless you

  3. Bob, a man for our times, thank you for addressing this issue..a great gender divide has been created over the we need to wait to reach heaven to experience this, can’t heaven be a place on earth for all.

  4. Jesus Christ respected all the marginalised like the poor, ladies, children and the outcast like lepers. He is a perfect role model for everyone. He was loving, strict in His instructions and praised when due.

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