Your Speaking Room..!

I lay in my bed, tears flowing down my cheeks, “Speak to me God!” I whispered.
“Look around Bob!” said a voice in my head, “Your room speaks in words loud and clear! Look up at your ceiling!”
I cleared my eyes looked at my ceiling and from its loftiness heard a message, “Stop feeling low! Aim high! Walk tall!”
“Wow!” I said, “and to think I’ve never listened.”
“And didn’t you hear the door when you walked in?” whispered same still voice.
“No,” I said then stared hard at the door, till I heard a deep rumble, “Push hard enough and you’ll get through Bob!”
“The clock is also speaking!” I said excitedly.
“Every second, every second, every second, every second!”
“What’s it trying to say?” I asked
“Every second counts!”
“This is cool!” I said.
“You’ve taken the words from my mouth!” said voice above my head and as I looked up I heard the gentle whisper of the fan blades saying, “Be cool! Be cool!”
“Do all rooms speak like this?” I asked
“You just have to listen hard my son! Most of us don’t, we just throw ourselves into bed in despair and close our ears to gentle advice all around, turn and look at the mirror Bob!”
“You want me to look at myself?”
“No listen to it!”
I did and from looking glass heard mercurial voice whisper, “Always reflect before you act!”
“That, has been my problem,” I whispered back, looking at the mirror, “hey I’m talking back to it!”
“Of course you will!” chuckled the voice in my head, “You can argue with them, even throw a tantrum, but what they have to say doesn’t change a bit!”
“Maybe I’m old fashioned!” I said, “and this room talking stuff is a little hard to believe!”
“There’s someone on the wall who has to say something about that, look at your calendar!”
“Be up to date!” whispered the calendar to me.
“Yes I will!” I said, “Yes I will!”
I moved to the window and looked out, “Now look at the vastness outside and see how small your problems are Bob!” said same still voice as the window opened itself wider. “When you have a God perspective, your worries grow smaller!”
I smiled as I went back to my bed, listened hard and heard gentle voices speaking to me; words of wisdom! There were no tears in my eyes anymore, just gladness in my heart.
Listen to your room dear reader; often the One above speaks through what we take most for granted..!




5 thoughts on “Your Speaking Room..!”

  1. Everything can give us some message because Universal Consciousness pervades everything, animate or inanimate

  2. Wen you have God perceptive your worries go smaller I really liked it.
    It has lot of depth.
    It works wonder and makes you fly in the sky

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