Wrinkles on YOUR Face..!

“Oh no!” you whisper as you stare at the mirror.
“What is it?” asks the wife, looking up in alarm, “You look pale, come we need to take you to the hospital, you’re getting paler. Doctor! Doctor, my husband is turning white. Yes, please send an ambulance, I think it’s the heart. Darling, the ambulance will be here in a moment!”
“But,” you whisper, “Bbb..ut!”
“Ssshhh!” whispers your wife, “Everything will be alright!”
“Everything will not be alright!” you whisper back.
“Sssshhh!” she says, “Don’t talk, ah there’s the ambulance!”
“I…I don’t need an amb..”
“Sssshhhh! Come quickly! Yes put him on the stretcher gently, gently!”
“There’s nothing wrong with him!” says the cardiologist in the hospital
“Of course there is!” you whisper.
“Of course there is!” the wife shouts aloud. “I want a second opinion!”
“What are the symptoms,” asks the second opinion, before he delivers it.
“Here,” you say, “Just under my eyes. Can you see it!”
There’s no ambulance to take you home as you sit, with an angry wife on the journey back. “You embarrassed me!” she whispers, “You mean we went through all that tamasha, just because you found a wrinkle under your eyes?”
That was my imagination at work, but I wonder how you reacted when you saw your first wrinkle?
Did you stare back at all who looked at you mumbling, “Don’t stare at my wrinkle please, I’m not as old as you think I am!”
Instead, I wonder, if we can start looking at those wrinkles and crow’s feet as some of the most beautiful lines we have. They cry out saying happily, “Look at me, I have gone through many experiences that have made me stronger, and richer!”
“This wrinkle, is when I lost my job, I worried and worried, and worried!”
“Then what happened?”
“God wiped the worries away!”
“But he didn’t wipe those lines away?”
“Ah, no, those wrinkles remind me, how stupid it was to worry. And those other ones near my mouth and those on my neck, all tell of days of struggle, till I called out to the Lord and He stretched out His hand and helped me!”
If you’ve got wrinkles and are alive enough to read this, then touch them gently and praise God for a visible reminder of times when He carried you through..!


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10 thoughts on “Wrinkles on YOUR Face..!”

  1. Thank you Bob. We have to be be grateful and thankful for wrinkles and gray hairs. We’ve reached a landmark – old age. They add an elegance, sophistication and aura to us.

  2. Wrinkles and grey don’t say we are old .
    Years wrinkle only our skin,
    and turn the hair grey, from gold.
    But when lack of enthusiasm wrinkles our soul,
    we really truly grow old !
    Only trust in God can keep our enthusiasm alive !

  3. Wrinkles they say is the sign of maturity. Not worrying about anything they say is the sign of a man whose life has undergone God’s transformation. A point to ponder upon.

  4. The wrinkle reminds us of how many years God has blessed us with, guarding us and guiding us, which we must thank Him for.We must testify to His grace in forgiving us our sins, His goodness in providing for our needs and gifting us with the Holy Spirit to be our strength and comfort.

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