Why Me..!

“Why me?” I cried out, looking up to the sky.
It happened many years ago when my wife and I had driven down to the sea side with a group of friends for a holiday. One morning we decided we would go down to the wharf and buy crabs. We bought the crabs and were returning in a Maruti van when a state transport bus stopped in front of me. I saw that most of the people in the bus were getting off and switched off engine and waited.
Suddenly the bus started reversing and reversed right onto my van. It happened in a moment and the next second I was sitting in my seat with the bus nearly on my lap, windshield smashed, pedals twisted and dashboard broken.
I got out, luckily unhurt looked up and cried out with tears rolling down my face, “Why me Lord?
There must be thousands asking this same question everyday.
“Why me?” when they suddenly lose job, when sickness attacks, when jilted in live, “Why me? “Why me? “Why me?”
Arthur Ashe the legendary Wimbledon player was dying of AIDS through a blood transfusion. From around the world he received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed: “Why did God have to select you for such a bad disease?”
To this Arthur replied:
The world over-50 million children start playing tennis, 5 million finally learn to play tennis.
500,000 learn professional tennis. 50,000 come to the circuit. 5000 reach the Grand Slam. 128 reach Wimbledon. 4 to the semi- final and 2 to the final.
When I finally held the cup, I never asked God, “Why me?”
And today in pain, I should not be asking God, “why me?”
I go back to the accident I had with the Maruti van. When I looked up and shouted “Why me?” had I already forgotten other wonderful picnics with sea and sand where I had spent lovely times with the wife and kids.
There were pieces of glass all over me but not a scratch, did I ever look up and whisper, “Thank you God for saving my life.”
No, I didn’t.
I wonder what you are crying, “Why me?” about?
Let’s take a moment and pause, then look around, and remember all the happy times, you had. Or, maybe check out to see whether situations could have been worse than it’s now.
But stop your crying, and ask yourself, “Why not me?”
Then ask yourself, if you’ve got the gumption to fight yourself out of your self-pity and then muscle your way out of the problem. But to do so, stop crying, “Why me!” and instead, “Why not?” Then claw your way out..!


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7 thoughts on “Why Me..!”

  1. My dear sister Pearl suffered with blood cancer and when diagnosed she only said ‘thank God, it’s me an not anyone else’ . She enjoyed herself till the very last day of her life, full of fun until the pain was too much to bear. I learnt from her to ve thankful for everything.

    1. …Shall we accept good from God and and not trouble?? Said Job! To put this words into reality is not that easy, but with God all things are possible. Yes let’s be positive and be thankful 🙌🕊

  2. A wonderful knock on the head to us who often ask “ why me “? Thank you, Bob ! Always so spot on.

  3. Yes , the only answer is that God in His infinite Wisdom has chosen me to participate in His own Cry of pain on the Cross ✝️ …My God…. why hast thou rejected Me … Dear Bob you are prodding us to seek the Truth. ThanQ.

  4. How can we thank God when a mother loses her only young child.
    Left all alone, suffering from cancer, for which she doesn’t complain.
    Her only pain is losing her only child.

  5. As difficult as it may be sometimes, we must look at life through the lens of gratitude Then the balance sheet of life no longer tilts towards our problems but is outweighed by our many blessings

    When we say ‘Your will be done’ we agree to accept everything He sends our way Trusting that He will equip and empower us to face it with His grace 🙏

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