When Confronted with Fear..!

Though there are fears untold and stern

Confronting me on my way

Willingly still would I go, not turn;

For God walks besides me each day!

On a bright Sunday morning a little fellow was on his way for a picnic with his mother. Soon the sights and sounds of the new day made him skip on ahead. Suddenly his carefree progress came to an end. A few yards away was a boxer dog. Have you seen a boxer? They are the most ferocious looking dogs, but actually the mildest of the canine species.

The little boy ran back to his mother, terrified and held onto her hand in fear. She held his hand tight and then walked slowly and confidently to the dog, and the dog seeing her determined gait ran away himself in fright!

Can you visualize the scene?

Now picture yourself holding onto God’s hand and facing fear squarely in the face. Many of us have the idea that having God besides us means no fear! These people live in a fool’s paradise; having God beside you means you learn how to handle fear. You are able to look at fear in the face and tackle it head on.

Listen to these lines of those who learnt to face fear with God given confidence:

I feared being alone until I learned to like myself.

I feared failure until I realized that I only fail when I don’t try.

I feared success until I realized that I had to try in order to be happy with myself.

I feared people’s opinions until I learned that people would have opinions about me anyway.

I feared rejection until I learned to have faith in myself.

I feared pain until I learned that it’s necessary for growth.

I feared the truth until I saw the ugliness in lies.

I feared life until I experienced its beauty.

I feared death until I realized that it’s not an end, but a beginning.

I feared my destiny, until I realized that God had the power to change my life.

I feared hate until I saw that it was nothing more than ignorance.

I feared love until it touched my heart, making the darkness fade into endless sunny days.

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I feared ridicule until I learned how to laugh at myself.

I feared growing old until I realized that I gained wisdom every day.

I feared the future until I realized that life just kept getting better.

I feared the past until I realized that it could no longer hurt me.

I feared the dark until I saw the beauty of the starlight.

I feared the light until I learned that the Truth would give me strength.

I feared change, until I saw that even the most beautiful butterfly had to undergo a metamorphosis before it could fly.

             With God within you, you’ll know fear for the imposter he is..!



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4 thoughts on “When Confronted with Fear..!”

  1. Great strength comes with in when God’s blessings are with us and sll fears troubles we can face with strength. Fears is created by many trouble creating people in all spheres of life. We under the protection of God remain unaffected.????????

  2. Lovely lines Bob.
    Faith and fear cannot co-exist, but with faith that knows that God is with us and within us, we can face and overcome all fear.

  3. Inspiring thoughts just like the chapters of your real life experiences in your fabulous book, “DARE.”

    This wonderful book has made me
    fearless, strong and have a positive outlook in my interesting life so far.

    Thank you for your 20 “challenging dares.”

    Read this book and change your life……mine did.

  4. My grand daughter will be 3 soon but remembers the experience of a dog eating up her ball as she played in Cubbon Park with my so n in law at least a year ago If we run with fear dogs will chase us as they do cars or bikes. One bit the ankle of my husband on his morning walk. Perhaps his shoes were bright red.

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