Vikram’s Moon Landing..!

What did you think of our attempt to land on the moon?

Disappointed? Or did you feel we are not big enough to attempt something so huge?

I’m going to quote from my own book DARE, which is to be launched in a month. The chapter I’m quoting from is ‘Dare to Make an Ass of Yourself!’

In making an ass of yourself, you’re like an actor who’s decided to get on stage the first time, not sure whether the audience is going to boo you offstage or applaud you for your performance, you’re shaking in your shoes, though all the people see is a confident smile. But you still go on stage!

That’s daring to make an ass of yourself!

It was a friend of my wife, a good speaker who told me about her first experience in public speaking, “Bob,” she said, “I went up on stage, after having memorized my speech, started off with a lot of confidence, and somewhere midway, saw the eyes of everyone looking up at me, and went into a shellshock. My tongue froze, my mind went blank, and I stood, the next two minutes like a zombie, as my classmates giggled and then I stepped off the stage in shame, vowing never to face an audience again!”

She did, and later taught others how to speak English and speak in front of a crowd.

This is what India dared to do with Chandrayaan II. In a world where giants like the USA, and Russia dominate all space programs, India decided to enter, dared to stand up on stage against jeers and laughter, and dared to make an ass of herself.

What we must remember is not whether Vikram landed on its feet or nose, but that it dared. This is the lesson all of us need to be proud about.

Billionaire Bill Gates once decided to deliver software to a customer which he hadn’t developed yet, and for a computer he had never yet seen! Because he dared, he did.

For thousands of years it was felt no human could run a mile within four minutes; it was physically impossible. Yet Roger Bannister announced that he would, and by announcing, decided to make an ass of himself, but shattered this belief when he ran a mile in 3.59 minutes.

We, as a nation decided to go for it, knowing the world might laugh at us if we failed. Likewise, go for it, if there’s something you are afraid to do.

Dare to make an ass of yourself!

Only the one who dares to do so, wins in the end..!






10 thoughts on “Vikram’s Moon Landing..!”

    1. In a very hilarious mood. Why go all the way to the Moon when our BMC creates craters for you here itself ??. Strive to eradicate poverty before spending millions on something that may benefit only a few.

  1. It’s the attempt that we make, no matter the consequences, that are the stepping Stones to success. My motto “Just do it.”

  2. DARE is great. There is a common thing in both Chandrayaan and Tower of Babbel, the disruption of “Communication”. Why the Supernatural power changed communication is revealed in Gen ch 11 and Word of God is relevant for all ages. Where there no communication, there is confusion.

  3. If you don’t make an ass of yourself you’ll never know what you can achieve. Beautifully expressed. ?? Difficult to follow because no one likes making an ass of themselves and in this they lose a golden opportunity to grow.

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