Turning Insults to Your Advantage..!

As I watch many of our present-day politicians, company heads and other leaders, I notice that insults flow glibly from their tongue. It seems to be an effective way of bashing their opponents. But I do believe the only way to win against them is by turning those insults around, to your advantage!
This incident happened during the latter part of the 1800s, in Bengal when Sri Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar and his few friends were busy collecting donations to start Calcutta University.
One day Vidyasagar stopped at the door of the palace of Nawab of Ayodhya. The Nawab was not exactly known to be a generous person and many people tried to dissuade Vidyasagar from taking his mission to the nawab.
Vidyasagar met the Nawab and presented his cause. On hearing Vidyasagar’s plea, Nawab got up, pulled one of his shoes off and dropped it in Vidyasagar’s bag as a donation.
Vidyasagar did not say a word. He simply got up, thanked the Nawab and left.
Next day Vidyasagar organised an auction of the Nawab’s shoe in front of his palace. Lots of Nawab’s knights, Jahagirdars, court members, who wanted to impress the Nawab started bidding. By mid-afternoon the shoe was sold for Rs 1000.
The Nawab, happy to hear that his shoe fetched Rs 1000, matched the auction money. He added his own Rs. 1000 as donation.
Please remember what Rs 1000/- was two hundred years ago!
When destiny dropped a shoe in his basket, Vidyasagar could have walked out furious. He could have thrown the shoe at the Nawab as an insult. He could have got depressed and gone home and cried that nobody is willing to give him a donation and given up his efforts to raise donations for the university.
But he did nothing of that sort.
He remained focused on the main goal.
He rose above his personal feelings, ego, and insecurities and exploited the situation creatively. He rose above his insecurities and exploited that of others around him. He took that shoe and converted it into the biggest donation to the University of Calcutta. Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar converted his on-face insult and resulting disappointment into a Rs. 2000 donation plus a pleased Nawab who could be of some assistance at some point later.
Yes, when someone has insulted you, you need to look at the bigger picture.
When you look at how that same insult can be turned around, creative ideas come abounding. But first you have to control the urge to hit back. Stop feeling insulted, rise above your personal feelings, ego and insecurity, remember they are actually using weapons of assault, but here you have the choice of getting hit or not. Once you learn to take advantage of insults you will quickly realize you are the one who can make ‘money from a nawab’s shoe!’
Remember, that is the only weapon, bullies have, backed generally by lies.
Gandhi realized that, worked on himself, and won India’s freedom..!


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10 thoughts on “Turning Insults to Your Advantage..!”

  1. Nice one! Important to control one’s angry and hurt ego when one is slighted or made the butt of a joke … and it’s even better if one can manage to creatively turn the situation around to advantage!

  2. Amazing thought Bob….very difficult as we tend to react or harbour hatred and bitterness cause of our ego….but sure enough can overcome with God’s help and succeed…👍🏼👏🏻

  3. Good one!Mother Theresa too was spat upon when she went begging for donations for her poor people and the same shopkeeper seeing her humility and meekness in accepting the terrible insult later realised his mistake and offered to further help her..Humble people are willing to take insults in order to win over the offender..what a great gift and virtue..we need so much of it in the modern world.

  4. He opened not his mouth..when he had the right to as God’s Son..Jesus too was insulted..scourged..humiliated..crucified for us by powers that be and won our redemption..or we may have all had a fiery death and ending!!

  5. Jesus led an example of stooping to conquer.Pride caused the fall of Satan. Thanks for the interesting true story, Bobby. A real life hero is revealed here.

  6. Really an eye opener and a very motivating example…..We all should work on the same ….life will be less stressful and more meaningful…..

  7. When someone insults you, he is offering you a verbal gift but as long as you don’t accept it, the gift remains with the giver.

  8. Oh insults humaltion back stabbing
    I have passed out the test with flying colors Make me a strong woman today I thank GOD for Blessings upon my life
    I am the boss of myself ☝️

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