This Too Shall Pass..!

A story goes that a neighboring king once came to Solomon and asked him for a motto, “It must be one”, said he, “that shall be as much use to me in times of trouble as in times of prosperity”.
The wise Solomon it is said, gave the king these words, and he had it engraved on a ring, which he wore continually. The wise words were, “This too shall pass”.
A couple of years ago, one morning, just before I sat to write this column, I was visited by a grieving lady who was weeping bitterly; I knew her husband was in hospital and that he’d suffered a stroke. She had three small children, who had entrusted me with their little fish tank before they were shifted to a relative’s house so their mother could spend time next to her very sick husband.
She had spent days and nights in the hospital and now she cried out of sheer exhaustion and grief. I looked at her and sat down with her. Searched in my mind for words of comfort, words of strength, but the thoughts that came, seemed hollow and empty. Suddenly I remembered the words of King Solomon:
“This too shall pass” I told her, “Even this will pass!”
Today when I see her family, I remember those words and smile. The children have grown well and are strong for the trials they went through. She has finished her teacher’s training and works as a teacher and a friend gave them a lovely flat to stay in.
The trials she went through passed on!
Here’s a poem by Helen Steiner Rice I’d like to share with you:
If I can endure for this minute, whatever is happening to me,
No matter how heavy my heart is or how dark the moment may be
If I can remain calm and quiet with all the world, crashing about me,
Secure in the knowledge God loves me when everyone else seems to doubt me
If I can but keep on believing what I know in my heart to be true,
That darkness will fade with the morning and that this will pass away, too.
Then nothing in life can defeat me for as long as this knowledge remains
I can suffer whatever is happening for I know God will break all of the chains
That are binding me tight in the darkness and trying to fill me with fear
For there is no night without dawning and I know that my morning is near!

Yes dear friend, whatever you’re going through right now, it will pass..!


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11 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass..!”

  1. Times and conditions bring good as well as bad times in life, yet when it passed we realize, it all happen to be a blessing in our life. Bible says, everything happens for good to those who loves him… 👍🕊️

  2. ”’ Whatever Happens, Happens for the Best ‘”!
    Light always follows Darkness. These are the ways of God our Maker !!!

  3. Yes,why not? The calmness and acceptance and look for the sunrise!
    Thanks much for the reality in our daily grind

  4. Looming dark clouds spend themselves as rain(symbol of life) and the slowly emerging sun from behind the clouds shows us the rainbow (symbol of hope). The sun has never failed to show up on planet earth till date. Yes, this too shall pass .

  5. Everyone in life goes through trials..trials come to make us strong and mature..if there were no trials we might not grow..patient endurance produces good results..God will us the strength to persevere and He will not give us more pain than we can endure..that is Our Good Father..eventually all pain will pass away and joy will come with the morning!

  6. The sun sets only to rise again the next day. The problems and difficulties is said to be God’s way of testing us to check how strong is our faith in him. He will never want us to be in permanent trouble !!

  7. Thank you for the article that’s educational as well as interesting as usual,Bob It reminded me of my dear friend saying, this too shall pass when she got sick and had an old mother to take care of, though sad.

  8. OMG Bobby, very uplifting article. This too will certainly pass after it has changed the world. And therein lies our hope.

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