There’s A Story In the Crib: Tell It..!

It was reindeers and santas, Christmas trees and decorations, all in the month of November as I travelled through the Philippines a few years ago. The whole country was in a festive mood!
Shops and malls lit up, discount sales and bargains, choirs singing carols, and old men employed as roly- poly santas, sitting near shop entrances, entertaining children as mothers shopped inside!
Christmas was in the air!
Maybe it’s not exactly the same in India, but cribs have been built, and in it, dolls looking as much like the baby Jesus as possible are placed inside. People of different faiths come and marvel at the baby in the crib, and comment, how peaceful his face is. “Yes,” we reply piously, “Christmas is about the birth of the Prince of Peace!”
Everybody loves a crib, but few know about the cross. The crib is a wonderful opportunity to tell people about the cross. “Do you know that the baby didn’t remain a baby?”
And the people will smile, ofcourse they know babies don’t remain babies.
“He grew into a man!”
And the people stop and stare at the little baby, suddenly realizing that yes, all babies do grow up, but what became of this baby.
“He was killed!”
“Killed?” they ask, horrified, “Why ever would anyone want to kill such a sweet looking baby?”
“So that we are free! Are you free? Free to walk with God, free to talk to Him, free to have Him as your closest friend?”
“I try to do that!”
“No need to try. With His death, He has seen you don’t have to try anymore. With His death, He tried and He won!”
“Won what?”
“Our freedom! Our freedom to walk and talk and live everyday with God!”
And the people look at your crib, and see a grown man. They don’t say, “How sweet!” But they say, “How strange! Why should God do this for us?”
And in your own simple way, open a Bible near you to John 3: 16, and tell them how a God in heaven loved us so much, He sent down this baby in the crib, that whoever believes in Him, need not be given up for lost, but will win the freedom of a life with God for always!
There’s a story in that crib, a true one, just waiting to be told!
Tell it..!




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