Happy Birthday Dear People..!

“So Bob, Happy Birthday!”
“It’s your birthday Lord not mine. Tis Christmas!”
“It’s yours Bob! I came that you could be born again into a life, where I would be the centre, and so it’s your birthday, we celebrate today!”
“But Lord, look at those angels singing, those shepherds round your crib, and listen do you hear carolers singing, ‘Joy to the World’?”
“How wonderful to hear those voices Bob, all of them singing a happy birthday to themselves, “joy to your world indeed, for I the Lord have come to give you a new birthday!”
“And all these years…”
“Ah yes, all these years you’ve been wishing me a happy birthday, but up here in heaven the angels and wise men and Mary and Joseph…”
“Angels and wisemen, Mary and Joseph? Those in the crib?”
‘No Bob, those, the real ones, those who’ve joined me here in heaven, celebrate this day and what they saw when they were down on earth, but sing out now, a new song; a Happy Birthday to you the People of Earth! Come Bob, wouldn’t you like to hear a birthday song, sung for you?”
And in my mind’s eye, this morning on Christmas day, I journeyed up to the heavenly realm and there I beheld the most wondrous sight: A birthday cake, that was not like any I had seen, and all the saints of God standing around it, and Christ ready to cut a slice, and suddenly, the heavenly host of angels burst into song, and sang, ‘Joy to the earth, your Day has come!”
The cake was cut, and I saw the Lord walking towards me, a piece in His hand, “Happy Birthday!” He said to me, “And wish all those on earth, for who I came down for, on this Christmas Day, over two thousand years ago!”
Was it a dream I had this Christmas morn, but then the taste of that cake, so divine still lingers in my mouth, and I am filled with joy as I turn to you, my friends all over the world, for it is indeed our birthday today. The day, a little babe was born, so that our lives could be changed forever, the day, when God entered our lives, taking over, a day when we are born all over again!
Happy Birthday each and every one of You!”




4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dear People..!”

  1. A prayer, and thoughts for the unseen, unheralded soldiers on our borders, who give up their today’s, for us to enjoy our tomorrows!!

  2. This idea is as revolutionary as beautiful, with a Divine Master let us invite His Grace. We are born now, for a new life above all human limitations and shortcomings. Above all negativities that made us small. Let us be reborn with a child’s innocence. Happy Birthday to all.

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