Ta-ta to Bedbugs in Business Class..!

Even as I’m thrilled that Tata’s has bought Air-India, I remember the service I received on the few occasions I flew business class, “Yes sir! Please sir! What can I do for you sir!” “Will you have lobster for lunch sir, or caviar sir?” “Some champagne to go with your meal sir?”
And it’s not sir all the time, they also call you by name. It’s quite an experience and a delightful one! The seats are huge and comfortable, can be stretched right back and there’s even night clothes so your own won’t get crushed!
But then I heard, there were bedbugs in business class!
How could that ever be?
It was on a Dreamliner, one of the latest aircraft. The sweetest airhostesses, like I said, they call you by name! The best food, and a big hole in your pocket, and this tiny bedbug crawls out while the plane flies over the Indian Ocean or Siberia, moves out of crevices along with brothers, sisters, friends and bedbug family and makes a meal of you!
The fliers who got off the aircraft, I heard, from different flights, said their families were bitten all over by the time they landed at their destination. I can imagine how they felt at first when they entered Business Class, “Oh daddy it’s so cool!”
“What spacious, wonderful seats!”
And bristling bedbugs listened under same seats, grinning, waiting their moment to strike, pound, bite and devour innocents, fooled by lavish interior and fancy uniform!
Are we like that airline before it was bought? Fooling people with reliable looking faces, gentle eyes, reassuring smiles and firm handshakes? All practiced in business schools and taught as marketing techniques and strategies?
Again and again we hear of politicians and even priests from all religions, suddenly making headlines as dark sexual escapades or murky financial transactions creep out of their Business Class personalities!
Crores had been spent on the latest aircraft! The best pilots trained to fly the planes and some of the prettiest airhostesses hired to serve you, but tiny bedbugs plunged the airline to a new low!
All it required was constant fumigating, checking cracks and crevices and cleaning.
And just as Tata’s has come to the rescue, and will soon I’m sure make the cabins and planes squeaky clean again, do we also need a good clean up job? All that is required is to allow the Great Fumigator to clean us inside out, because fancy clothes, pleasant smile, and customer friendly look will not help when bedbugs of hate, anger, intolerance, sexual immorality and other bugs are inside, waiting to crawl out!
Get a fumigating job done, and let’s say Ta-Ta to those bedbugs and become genuine business class..!


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3 thoughts on “Ta-ta to Bedbugs in Business Class..!”

  1. True Bob! The world is so enamoured by fancy externals that hardly any time or effort is spent on examining the internals. Dirt is often shoved under the carpet, not realising that if the internal is neglected it will rot away and eventually impact the external too.

    No wonder Jesus always reversed the equation focussing on the unseen first which would automatically make the seen shine too.

  2. Even the pretty faces with good smiles had been replaced by fat aunties.
    On my Dli frankfurt flight the aunties could not wrap around in Saris and had made salwar suits out of it.
    Not to say about food and quality of liquor too had changed.
    Looking for better times.

  3. Bobby, this is yet another interesting analysis of the content in our heart that Jesus spoke of when he called Pharisees white washed sepulchres with corruption within unseen! Thank you! Congrats! Stay blessed!I’m amused by the picture painted of the bugs with thought processing minds,social life,and facial expressions.Yet reality of the scene is projected. We feel thankful for the Tatas. I love your punch line too.

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