Soap In My Mouth, Detergent In My Stomach..!

Maybe, tis my late mother’s birthday today, that brings this very poignant memory to my mind, of her coming to pick me up from school when I was a little fellow, and finding I was punished, “What’s his punishment?” asked my mother, quite okay that if Bob did something wrong, he should pay for it.
“We’re putting soap in his mouth!” said the British, or was it, Australian KG headmistress.
“No way!” said my mother firmly, and insisted on walking into the torture chamber where I was being held.
“But he said something wrong!” said the lady.
“Are you allowed to do this to children in England?” asked my mom, and led me off. “Are you?”
The headmistress meekly apologized and said she would think of another punishment the next day.
“You may!” said my mother kindly, “And when we reach home, I’ll tell my son to shut up and not say such things again!”
Like I said it’s my mother’s birthday today, and somewhere up, where she’s keeping an eye on her son, I look up and ask, “Ma, what do you say to a world leader who wants to inject soap and detergents into people’s stomach to get rid of the virus?”
“He wants to put soap in their mouths?” I can hear my mother ask incredulously, “Tell him to shut up!”.
I’m going to leave the soap, detergents and my kindergarten headmistress aside for a while, and concentrate on the second part of my mother’s advice, which is to shut up!
At a time when the largest number of researchers, with the best brain power burn the midnight oil, searching for a vaccine and cure for the virus, it is high time political leaders and others learn to shut up.
And it’s not just during this time, that they need to fix a tape on their mouths but at all times of crisis. Crisis times are when experts discover solutions for particular problems and specific situations.
“During that time sir, don’t be like a medical general practitioner who feels he knows more than the specialist!”
Because when you don’t shut up, we see…
An economy on the downslide, because learned men and women weren’t listened to!
Coronavirus deaths because a president knew better than anybody else on how to handle the deadly disease!
Tis my mother’s birthday and let me be a little indulgent with her, “Ma,” I ask, “What else would you say, after you’ve said, ’shut up’?”
“Listen!” says my mother.
Yes, this is the time for politicians to LISTEN!
Listen to specialists, before you shoot your mouth off! Listen to economists before you make drastic changes!
Putting soap into the mouth was already a cruel practice those many years ago, but needed a concerned mother to stop it happening, and maybe it’s time we told our political leaders or maybe some of we ‘know alls’ need to listen to those words ourselves, to, “Shut up and Listen!”
Like I said, just be a little indulgent with me today; my ma’s birthday..!


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8 thoughts on “Soap In My Mouth, Detergent In My Stomach..!”

  1. May God bless your mother’s soul! The man suggesting soap in the mouth is showing some kind of ingenuity compared to the man who locked down a whole nation at the blink of an eye and then extend it knowing fully well that the nation is not at that big a risk compared to the others.

  2. Please listen to the speeches of Trump…its quite different from what the dumb press reports..He is a Man of Integrity and walks with God.Inspite of having so much on his hands…he is helping other nations.He has given India 3 million dollars…THINK

  3. I agree with Sheila and Babu. But I do like your thinking of your mother on her birth anniversary and sharing with us about her protective nature over her boy. I remember being complained about for using the words, shut up, and being reprimanded by the teacher.I was a new girl as dad had got a transfer from Delhi to Bombay and had joined St. Theresa’s Convent. I was told, when a teacher, that I was kinder to the girls.I did punish my son when he had picked up a bad word that he may not even have understood. My dad went strictly by the proverb, you spare the rod, you spoil the child. He was very stern with my brother but stood up for him if complained about by the principal of his fighting with a boy.The principal was amused.But dad praised my principal. I thus did it too. We must teach our children to respect the elders but also share with us their day.He did it at the dining table. I thank you for bringing to mind my dad with your article , Bobby. It’s good to honour our parents always

  4. The family was the first school where we picked up our values and manners but today we are in a different world. The people using foul language get the maximum ‘likes’ today, be it Facebook or any other forum.

  5. A very poignant and nostalgic write up!
    Shows how protective and brave a mother can be when it comes to her child.
    As for the president suggesting an infusion of detergents and sanitisers , it’s simply outrageous !

  6. Every parent will do whatever is best for their child ,so that the child learns a lesson in the best possible way..The leader of a nation who wants to impose his ideas on his Citizens without knowing anything himself is absurd! Know it all..know nothing!


  7. Haaha
    What can wash away my mouth
    Nothing but the mouthwash
    What can wash my hands nothing but the sanatizer
    What can wash my head and body shampoo and shower gel
    All this are detergents

    What can wash away my sins Nothing but the Blood of Jesus Christ Amen ?

  8. Well Bob integrity and honesty are the hallmark of the generation gone by. You don’t get people like your mother anymore. Rather such people are not made. Putting it succinctly. ?

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