A few years ago, a missing Air India Dreamliner belly piece was found lying on the runway!
One hundred and fifty passengers nearly faced death because of the sheer callous, negligent and reckless attitude of an engineer of the national airline, who, the newspapers say, instead of fastening the ‘belly piece’ with seventeen screws, used only five screws, and the panel fell off!
Five instead of seventeen: A dangerous shortcut!
I can well imagine the scene that could have taken place in Delhi before the aircraft took off:
“Engineer,” says his supervisor, “You will have to fix the belly piece, the plane is about to leave!”
“It is my lunch time in ten minutes sir!”
“Get it fixed, we cannot delay the flight!”
How does an engineer get the panel fixed and still get his break for lunch? By using a shortcut! Instead of using seventeen screws, he uses just five! Simple!
Here’s another story: In a housing colony in Mumbai a robbery took place and the police who visited the place, asked why there were six open gates. “The police can’t do anything when you leave yourselves open to robbery!” they said and went away.
The members decided in their annual general body meeting to close three of the gates and man the rest with watchmen. One of the gates was next to the home of a resident. After the gates were closed he created quite a scene and wanted the gates open. “But the closed gates will help see our colony is safe and secure!” the rest of the people told him. “We will feel safe!”
“I am not bothered about you all being safe!” he said.
“What are you bothered about?”
“My shortcut!” he said, “I don’t want to walk all the way to the main gate to get out. I want my shortcut!”
Such shortcuts are ruining our nation.
Five screws instead of seventeen! Gates wide open, instead of a small detour!
And because of this absolute devil may care attitude, there are train accidents, highway smashups and tragic loss of lives.
But what is shocking is how selfish such people are! That same engineer in Delhi was bothered more about his lunch than the loss of lives if the plane crashed. The other fellow with his flat in Mumbai, was not bothered whether the houses of others were robbed or a murder took place!
All they wanted were their shortcuts!
Our country runs on these shortcuts: Traffic being driven on the wrong side, commuters crossing railway tracks, motorcyclists riding without helmets, and many others.
But shortcuts even though tempting are fatal. Learn to stop using them and teach your children too..!




7 thoughts on “Shortcuts..!”

  1. Taking short cuts is always dangerous and asking for trouble. An additional few seconds will always ensure you’re safe from unexpected damage!

  2. Shortcuts are the highway to Hell. In our extremely busy and fast paced lives, shortcuts and simple methods to completing tasks are a fashion. Wish people learn to take the longer route.

  3. There is no shortcut to achieving anything worthwhile in life.. as H W Longfellow says,
    The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.

  4. Late in the night recently I tried to take an U turn on the road where it was not allowed. There was hadrdly any traffic. My 12 year old grandson from Australia shouted ” Dada you are bad “.
    Cultural difference!

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