Room 104..!

“Which hospital are you taking him to?” I asked the wife of my friend. She told me and as I instructed my driver to take them to the hospital, I decided to go along. There was Metro construction work going on outside, the road was far more congested, but the hospital looked almost the same, though it had been 28 years since I’d been here last.
“He has to be admitted immediately!” said the doctor, and as I followed the wheelchair up to the first floor, I whispered to myself, “It can’t be!”
But it was. My friend was being admitted to Room 104!
I entered the room first. It looked exactly as it had been nearly three decades ago. The wall still with stains of monsoon leakage, and bed as ancient as the one of yore.
And as I stared at the cot, I saw a youngster in my mind’s eye looking back at me, with terrified eyes. “I don’t want to die!” the youngster seemed to cry, and in those eyes, I saw terror.
I walked to the bed, and knew what the doctor had told his wife, that he had maybe just a few hours more to live, “He may not make it through the night!” he’d said.
I stared at the bed as the young man sobbed, “Lord,” he’d sobbed, “I have two young girls, one just three years old. They need a father till they are old enough!”
And then I saw the young man turning to the holy book that his young doctor wife had packed along with his clothes and brought. She had driven him here herself, her eyes hardly able to focus on the road, as she fought not to think of a life without her husband.
But she had packed his Bible.
And now it was to that same holy book he turned.
I watched the empty bed with that figure twenty- eight years ago, slowly opening the book, I heard the prayer he prayed, “Lord, just give me a word of assurance!”
And then I saw the smile. A smile that filled his face, replacing the terror that had been there a moment ago.
I know what the young man had read, because I was that young man twenty eight years ago!
The pages had opened to a verse in Isaiah, ‘I will trust and not be afraid’
My wife had entered the room a little later, and instead of seeing a petrified me, she saw the old Bob, full of confidence. She’d walked to the bed puzzled, “I’ll be okay!” I had said, “Because I will trust and not be afraid!”
My eyes slowly leave the same bed I’d walked away from, a healed man twenty-eight years ago.
Room 104 had changed my life, after I’d seen God, first assuring me then taking away my fear. I go home, hold that same Holy book, now old and nearly falling apart, look up, smile and thank God for all the promises He’s kept in my life..!




8 thoughts on “Room 104..!”

    1. To God be the glory, great things He hath done. God is always near and He raises us up when we seem to be down. I’ve also experienced a few miracles Bobby and so I understand how it feels. God bless you.,

  1. I have faith in God and the universe made by him.
    I see and believe in yet another miracle coming.
    God is by our side and in our prayers,
    Yes, your friend and my brother will walk out healed and strong out of room number 104.

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