Profiting from Suicide..!

A few months ago, a president of a social club called an organization which was to teach him leadership training and said, “I want my money back, I have no time for the course!”
“Sir,” said the coordinator, “You know our policy, we don’t refund money, but we will do you a favour, you can depute anyone from your club for the course in your place!”
“No!” screamed the president, “I have lost money because of Covid. If you don’t return the money, I will commit suicide and blame it on you people!”
The money was returned! The company was afraid of a law which would arrest them if the man carried out his threat.
Today, many spurned lovers, fired employees and others use this threat to advantage.
I have no sympathy for those who attempt or commit suicide. But the police in our country love a suicide case; they wait as unsuspecting husband who had a spat with his wife the previous night comes back from work. He sees the crowd outside his door and rushes in to find his spouse dead.
He stares with horror not at a dead body but at a pair of handcuffs extended to him. “What is my crime?” he cries.
“Abetting suicide!” says the policeman with a stern look on his face. “Did you have a fight last night?”
“We argued,” says the handcuffed husband, “but there was nothing to it!”
“You made her commit suicide! You murderer!”
And so, a husband finds himself in jail. Here again I am not talking about dowry harassment cases where a woman commits suicide because of mental torture, I am referring to a partner being blamed for something the suicide victim should have had the guts to handle: You should have strength to handle a breakup, not threaten suicide to get your partner in jail or marry you.
Which makes me think; let the law cover all cases of suicide, right?
So let’s say a farmer who faces bankruptcy hangs himself from a fan. The police enter.
“How did he die?”
“He hung himself?” says the widow, wondering why the police ask the most obvious questions.
“Why did he die?”
“Because the government let him down!”
“They gave him free electricity, free loans, free seed, free tractors, free, but did not give him a few crores to get his daughter married. Aren’t you going to arrest the state government leaders for abetting my husband’s suicide?”
The police quickly leave.
It’s a silly law, but the police are having fun using it and instead of chasing criminals and stopping crime they waste time handing the noose to a suicide victim’s ex or his former employer or like the case I mentioned at the beginning, it being used for unfair threats.
Finally, you know who profits..!


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5 thoughts on “Profiting from Suicide..!”

  1. So true Sir,

    Though there are those who are pushed to the very brink through mental and physical torture there are those who cause mental torture by their threats ……. The stigma of seeking counselling has first to be eradicated …….before we can find a zero from month to month of suicide bids /suicides

  2. The laws and rules are made to maintain order and avoid chaos in society. When laws are used and abused to nail the guiltless, they need to be discarded and never be used as instruments of torture of the innocent.

  3. Due to clinical depression, I know a lady take her own life for she thought she was alright and could stop taking her medication.Due to the medication, some gain weight and don’t like it. So they decide on not taking it.I suspect foul play in the case of Ravi, an IAS officer found hanging from the fan in his house. His honesty was a threat to the land mafia backed by corrupt politicians. Lies were spread by them that he was rejected by some one he fancied though he was married. The family denied it.Investigation was an eyewash. Politicians had walked in and out of the crime scene freely 😏

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