Problem Solving Is Good..!

The husband watched her sitting up in their bed, head bowed, deep in thought. It was midnight. He watched awhile and then whispered to
her, “Is something wrong?”
“How do we get the money to send our daughter abroad for her studies?” she
asked, him.
“We’ll work it out!” he whispered.
“Why do we always have to work it out?” she exclaimed angrily, “Why can’t we
have enough so that we don’t have to worry?”
He didn’t say anything as his mind worked feverishly on what he
had to do.
In another house, a husband got ready to leave for work. He called his driver to bring his Rolls to the front of his bungalow so he could step out and into the car, without having to waste time; time was
precious after all. As he walked to the door, he looked back at his sleeping wife; he knew she was wide-awake with her eyes closed waiting for him to leave. The car moved down their lengthy drive, she heard the gates open and close, and with sudden smile on her face she walked to greet her day. It was a new bottle. She opened the costly liquor and like a lover embracing her beloved she held the tumbler to the bottle’s mouth, and watched eagerly as golden liquid filled her glass. It didn’t take her long
to gulp it down.
She had waited all morning for this welcome feeling; this was all she looked forward to everyday.
He knew she would be hitting the bottle and made the call as soon as he reached his place of work, “Doctor, what do I do?” he sobbed, “she drinks all day!”
“What does she have to do, once you leave home?” asked the doctor.
“Nothing doctor, nothing! She has nothing to worry about, I have given her servants and enough to spend to fill every moment!”
“She needs challenges, She needs problems to solve, she is bored, with no testing of her skills, no risks to take, nothing to stimulate her mind.”
“She has everything,” said the man on the phone.
“That is the problem,” whispered the doctor.
Two homes, two situations, tell me dear reader which woman would you like to be? The one who got up in the night worried, or the one who had no worries, and was hitting the bottle?
How we long to lead a life of no worries, no problems, but problem solving is good for us, it keeps us from getting bored. And boredom is the worst punishment we can ever give ourselves..!





4 thoughts on “Problem Solving Is Good..!”

  1. Oh goodness me,
    If life was with problems it would have been great but never no what other problems may one take interest in inviting.
    Live and accept as it is and carry on, Thats enjoyment. ?

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