An Overjoyed Builders Association..!

The President of the International Builders Association smiled as he received a standing ovation from his fellow builders as he entered the hall and walked up to the podium. The clapping and applause continued and as he looked at the happy members, he reflected how different it had been a few years ago, when he’d nearly been thrown out because of the slump in building activities.
A few years ago, most of them had been facing bankruptcy and they had blamed him for their dismal state of affairs.
And now he was turning things around!
He allowed the applause to go on for a while, then raised his hands, “Thank you! A year ago, we were a dejected lot. Today things have changed. There is going to be construction everywhere, and there is going to be money in your bank accounts!”
“More money than we ever imagined!” shouted a builder, “All thanks to you!”
The President put up his hand even while he tweeted and said, “Well I would like to thank our world leaders for listening to me and following my advice to…”
“Build walls!” shouted the hall in crescendo. “Build walls! Build walls! Build walls!” they all shouted.
“And they have started!” grunted the president. “You dear members are going to make money, not building high-rises, skyscrapers and towers but miles and miles of walls. Walls around countries shutting themselves off from their neighbours, walls around communities, walls around everything you could possibly think off!”
“Build walls! Build walls! Build walls!” shouted the members in unison.
“All we had to do was sow suspicion and hatred and we now have walls between white collared and blue collared, whites, blacks and browns, and huge, thick walls between religious communities. Being a builder myself before I took over as president of my country and also your association it was not too difficult for me to sell the idea, but what I am delighted is other countries following suit!”
The members rose again to clap and cheer and the president allowed himself a moment to bask in the glory of achievement. “I knew England would follow immediately with the Brexit Wall, but many of us are surprised with one leader in Asia, becoming better than me as a master wall maker!”
The applause continued, and the president of the International Builders Association smiled as he went back to his honoured seat. He knew there were enough walls to build to keep him president for life, even if he was impeached and thrown out from being the president of his country!
He was not bothered they were not using brick and mortar now, as he and his fellow builders knew the same walls of hate and intolerance would translate to brick and mortar as fear for one another started entering people’s thoughts and lives.
He tweeted, “Start the Mexican wall..!”





2 thoughts on “An Overjoyed Builders Association..!”

  1. The Great Donald “Duck” has managed to “Trump” the International gathering way of thinking! Sad indeed for humanity!!!

  2. Bob, one hundred percent true what you have written, it’s the leaders who build walls all kinds to safe guard their selfish interests and we the people are unable to distinguish between cheese and chalk.

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