Poor Shane Warne..!

Poor Shane Warne. Found dead in his hotel room. What a way to go and at fifty-two!
To have played cricket for so many years he must have kept himself very fit, and it’s something we all should do, for after all, in just a day, your heart will likely beat over 100,000 times. Your blood will travel about 168,000 miles. You will breathe about 23,000 times. You will drink three pounds of liquids.
You will turn in your sleep 25-30 times (this is not counted as exercise, by the way) and you’ll probably speak about 48,000 words and use some 7,000,000 brain cells!
You see? You have a great body. It is an intricate piece of technology and a sophisticated super-computer. It runs on peanuts and even regenerates itself. Your relationship with your body is one of most important relationships you’ll ever have. And since repairs are expensive and spare parts are hard to come by, it pays to make that relationship good. Right? Yes right to some extent!
How do you maintain a good relationship with your body? By following the things you already know about healthy relationships.
For one, do you listen attentively to your body? Really listen? It may be trying to tell you something.
Second, do you try to learn and understand what your body needs? You wouldn’t hurt a good friend; do you know when you’re hurting yourself?
Third, are you kind to your body without overly-indulging? Do you know that saying “no” may be a kind thing to do? Are you tough enough to know when to push and wise enough to know when to back off?
And finally, do you show respect or do you show dishonor by the things you put in it and on it and the way you treat it? Do you trust it to be faithful to you as you’re faithful to it?
Shane Warne did all these healthy things, right? But when we say the things we put in, there are other things than just food and exercise, there’s character, and steadfastness, morality and dignity. Shane Warne didn’t bother much about such things did he as he sent obscene text messages to random women, chased any skirt available, and finally after leaving wife and children settled down in the world’s sex country; Thailand!
Was the world shocked he died at such a young age? Maybe they were, but that’s because they only considered his physical fitness, and never took into consideration, he was a man with hardly much of character fitness.
But character plays a great part in your health. Even as you lift dumbbells and push your muscles, develop morals, and work on your self.
And when you do, you’ll find that the 100,000 heart beats, the 168,000 miles your blood travels, or the 23,000 times you breathe will not be hard on your body, because your inner self is strong..!


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1 thought on “Poor Shane Warne..!”

  1. Very true Bob. In this fast paced living, many don’t think about having a strong foundation on values that stood the test of time. Our youth need to pay much attention to it for an integrated life. Good eye opener indeed!

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