Opening of Liquor Shops.!

Now that the government has announced the opening of hooch shops, and some are for it, and many against it, I decided I’d don a mask, practice social distancing and find out for myself the reaction of drinkers by meeting them as they bought their liquor: “Stand in line brother,” said the last man in the queue, as he politely social distanced himself from me.
“You are in a good mood!” I said.
“You should see my wife!” said the man as he pulled down his mask and grinned at me, “She’s in an even better mood!”
“You mean she wasn’t unhappy?” I asked, “Didn’t she scream, and shout and make a fuss, about you wasting the family money?”
“Why should she?” asked the man, “She will also enjoy like I do!”
I turned to another man, who had joined the line behind me, “Was it very difficult the last month or so?” I asked.
The man behind gave me a sly smile, “In our country, lockdown or no lockdown, you can get what you want!” he said, and all the other people in the line laughed along with him.
“Don’t you have a bag?” asked a woman who strangely was also part of the long line, and as I looked farther I did see many women, and wondered whether they were buying the golden stuff for their men, or for themselves, I was brought out of my deep thoughts, by the same woman pointing at my empty hands, “Sorry!” I said, “I’m not buying much! In fact, I am just buying one!”
Most in the line looked at me strangely, and I wondered whether I had let them down, by saying I wasn’t too fond of the fiery liquid till I heard the same lady ask, “Just one? One what?”
“Not decided,” I said happily, “Maybe even just a half or a quarter!”
“Of what?” asked the lady, “I don’t think there’s any half or quarter to buy here!”
“You see,” I said, “I’m not too much into it like you people are. Just a sip once in a way does enough for me!”
“Sip?” asked the man at the back of me.
“Yeah, you know what I mean, special occasions, birthdays, weddings!”
There was an uncomfortable silence as the line moved one pace at a time, “How do you have it,” I asked the man in front of me, “neat, with soda or water or on the rocks?”
“What are you talking about?” asked both the men, even as the woman looked at me strangely, “
“Your drinks!” I said pleasantly.
“Our what?”
“What we are all standing in line for!” I said even more pleasantly.
“This is the queue to the vegetable store!” said the woman, “and what exactly are you standing in line for?”
I fled, before I was lynched..!


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14 thoughts on “Opening of Liquor Shops.!”

  1. Having committed a faux pause you should have quickly changed your narrative that you were joking and that you are there to buy a packet of rasam powder which you enjoy drinking even on special occasions ??

  2. That is a very good one Bobby. ??Seriously I would have also thought that the long line was for the liquor store as I saw a mini mob in Wadala yesterday morning when I went to the bazaar.

  3. During the period of lockdown.. we had homemade punch..soda..Sprite and crushed fruits.steeped with hangovers..can be made and had anytime..lockdown or no lockdown..everyone enjoyed it ..even the kids..

  4. That was an interesting narrative with a surprising end.I wondered suddenly if that would be the climax.It was fun. Thanks Bobby.

  5. Hey Bro.Bob that was a daring act. Just short of the phrase “Curiosity saved the cat.”
    Bravo. Stay Safe we need you.

  6. Men who sip their drinks or drink in moderation are a blessing to their families..they know their responsibilities..but there are some whose cravings run riot and it is a sad state of affairs at home..maybe wives were happier when liquor shops were shut.

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